Lusting: December

It is December! Can you actually believe it! I have said it before and will say it again, 2016 has bloody well flown past. It feels like only a few months ago that I was in Dublin for my long weekend. Now we are on the countdown to Christmas. Does anyone else really hate the period inbetween Christmas and New Year? I always feel so redundant! December is the month…


Sali Hughes at Waterstones West End, Edinburgh

“She was witty and came across eloquent and intelligent throughout. She talked openly and honestly about the role beauty products play in our lives and the negative perception from certain individuals.” Sali Hughes has become one of my favourite columnists in the last year due to her straight talking, matter of fact writing where she presents her opinion and argument succinctly. When tickets went on sale in late October for…


Things that make me happy

“With this thought in mind, I carried on with my makeup and started to think about the different things in life that make me happy. Simple, possibly but important I think you can agree.” You know how sometimes you realise while doing something in your day that you actually really enjoy it? I had that moment the other morning when I was layering on my black kohl liner, the thought…

The Body Shop Black Musk range

The Body Shop Black Musk

Fragrance isn’t something that excites me all that much. I am a firm lover of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and am partial to some Elie Saab Le Parfum but apart from that I’m not fussed. You will note that both Classique and Le Parfum are not the most affordable fragrances out there in fact they come in pretty pricey so I like to save these scents for special occasions and…


The importance of a digital detox

Slowing down and giving yourself a break is something that we are all quite poor at if we are being honest. With an ever connected world of 24 hour communication and news it can be a difficult task to shut off and give yourself an hour of thinking about nothing and not staring at a screen. Getting out of your head and focusing on something other than emailing, texting, consuming breaking…

concrete love album darker blue

4 of my favourite albums

“Whenever I hear it I instantly think of my dad and am taken back to being an 8 year old hearing Born in the USA blaring out the living room CD player (hi-tech, yes?)” Have you ever heard a song and instantly been taken back to a specific event? We all have songs that drum up a memory and take you back to a time gone by or remind you…


It’s OK if #18

The follow up to the song how wonderful life is now your in the world. Another month, another It’s OK if. Every month I seem to start these posts with the same wording – this is a post about things we all do or that happen to you but we are a bit shy of admitting. That is the summed up version. Before writing this blog post I had spent…