Current Beauty Favourites

Recently there have been a few products that I have been coveting that are all from High Street stores and are under £10. Wonderful. As much as I love High End makeup, you can’t beat a little steal from the High Street and there are some really amazing products to be found in the stands at Boots and Superdrug, you can even pick up some great products in New Look,…


A high maintenance female

high-maintenance adjective needing a lot of work to keep in good condition (of a person) demanding a lot of attention Recently (I say recently it was about 3 months ago and I am only now getting round to writing this, must work on time management) I was jokingly told I was high maintenance. It was quickly then added that that isn’t a bad thing. Like most things in life, your…


It’s OK if #17

Another month, another It’s OK if post. I won’t lie while jotting down blog post ideas for the last few weeks of October an It’s OK if post wasn’t even on there. In my head I had already done this months edition and it was done and dusted – I was wrong! Shocking, I know. This week I am on annual leave – yay! – one whole week off work…


Loreal Miss Hippie Mascara

Miss Manga from Loreal has been a staple in my makeup bag for a long while, it gives my lashes lift and curl while coating them in a jet black, voluminous formula that flakes very little through out the day. Miss Hippie is her sister that is even better! Yes, you read correctly – even better. When it comes to mascara the KPI for me is always volume. I want…


Fashion: Zara City chain bag

On the 31st it is my 27th Birthday! The big 2-7. I am actually really looking forward to it, birthdays are one of my loves both my own and others. How can you not have fun at a birthday? Every year I like to treat myself to a little birthday present to myself because why the hell shouldn’t you?! This year I wanted to get something a bit special, not…


Beauty: New Look nail polish

New Look nail polishes – £3.99 Despite having a vast collection of nail polishes, New Look was not a brand of polish that was part of it. If we rewind back to last Thursday and me moaning that I wanted a new polish to play with then my flatmate coming home with 3 for me from the New Look Pure range. She’s a great gal. The shades she picked up…


Beauty: Rimmel Only 1 Matte lipstick

Alongside cleanser and nail polish, we all know that lipstick is another love of mine. Oh and eye liner, I love that too. While out one Saturday afternoon and after a few cocktails I had a wander round the makeup aisles of Superdrug (with my enabler friend.) Long story short I left with two new lipsticks from the Rimmel Only 1 Matte collection. Lush, I know. Read more beauty: The NYX Base…