13 things you shouldn’t say to someone with short hair

When it comes to short hair on girls there are varied opinions. Personally I think it is great and a massive fan of it. Maybe that’s why I have a pixie cut?! If you have or have ever been the owner of a short hair cut and are of the female gender you will no doubt have heard some of the following things and probably felt a tiny bit irritated.


  1. Boys won’t find you sexy. They like girls with long hair.
  2. You know you have boy hair.
  3. It’ll grow back in no time.
  4. Why did you go it?! Are you having a mid *insert decade* crisis
  5. I’ve never noticed the shape of your head before.
  6. Your hair was so nice before.
  7. Are you a lesbian?
  8. You must save so much time doing your hair. You can only do one hair style.
  9. I would date you if you had long hair.
  10. Think of the up keep!
  11. Does your boyfriend like it?
  12. Do you miss your long hair?
  13. You must go through so many products now.

I have heard all of the above at some point or other in the 3-4 years that I have had a pixie cut and everytime I think to myself reallllly?! It is just a bit of a silly way to look at life. Especially something so simple as hair!

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