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3 of my favourite Mavala red nail polishes

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to anyone that I am a big fan of a red nail polish. Basic, potentially. Classic, definitely.

In amongst my sprawling collection of red nail polishes there are 3 that tick the box in terms of the red shade variations I need in my life. I may be being slightly over the top there but a good red nail polish is important, if you ask me.

Mavala recently celebrated their 60th anniversary and I popped along to John Lewis to get my nails done by one of their lovely nail technicians. I had told myself “be adventurous, try something different. Maybe a pink shade?” but as expected I opted for a bright red shade. This shade was Paris. Fitting, non? A bright, bold red that has a slight pink-y undertone without being overly pink. Basically, a great nail shade for this time of year. The shade looks great on fingers and toes and would look even better teamed with a lovely tan *dreams of summer*.

Singapore is a darker, more classic red nail polish. Think 50s screen siren rather than bright, summer nail polish. This shade has a blue undertone that is grown up and flattering on the hands. Although not as bright as I would normally choose, it is a lovely shade if you want something a little more subdued from a bright orange/pink under toned red. The final Mavala polish in this whistle stop tour of their red nail polishes is Red River. This is a bright, warm red that is distinct while being elegant and is perfect for spring and summer (or all year round!)

Mavala nail polishes are really shiny even without a topcoat however I do always pop a coat on before finishing up my nails just to get that extra few days out of my polish. Two coats of your chosen red over a base coat then the top coat and you are good to go with your bright, shiny red nails


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