Pink-Red Lipsticks

You can’t really beat a lipstick when you are wanting to switch up your makeup look a bit. Something bright and bold that is different from your normal makeup look can really lift your mood and make you feel like a super sassy gal.

As a major lover of dark, smudged eye makeup some days I fancy a change. If you follow me on Instagram – if you don’t you definitely should – you will have seen a post from a wee while back of my lipstick collection. For being someone that doesn’t wear lipstick other than GOSH Angel very often I have too many, I will hold my hands up and admit that. My defense for owning so many lipsticks? You just don’t know what mood you will be in. Maybe you fancy donning a berry hued matte lip of a Wednesday. That is how I am justifying it…

MAC Retro Matte in Relentlessly Red – Shop here

It may have red in the name but rest assured this is not a red and I have not lost my mind. When it comes to a lipstick that isn’t part of the nude family, for me, it has to be a matte. Why? I don’t really know, I just enjoy a bold matte lip.

Relentlessly Red swings more towards the cool side of the spectrum and depending on the lighting can have different layers of tones. Sometimes it can appear a little more red and others it is full on pink. Either way it is a beautiful colour that is really flattering to most skin tones. This is a matte so lips that are in good condition are a must otherwise you will be patchy and flaky which no one wants!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matte lip cream in Ole Flamingo – Shop here

If you have read any of Reverie de Paris before you will be more than aware that I am a huge fan of the Rouge Edition Velvet matte lip creams and have almost all of the shades. A girl can never have too many. One of my favourites, that I go back to again and again is Ole Flamingo.  It is a hot fuchsia  that is in no way, shape or form subtle. The thing that I love most about this product is the formula. It is super long lasting and dries to a flattering matte that doesn’t stick to any cracks in your lips. Winning. This is perfect for Summer but I mean wear it all year round, why the hell not!

Bourjois Rouge Edition in 41 Pink Catwalk – Shop here

You know when you go to Boots or Superdrug to buy one thing but then you see the little sign that says spend over £12 and get a free lipstick. Delicious, you say to yourself. That is what happened to me when Pink Catwalk came into my lipstick collection. This, in my opinion, makes it entirely OK to add to my lipstick collection. It was a freebie! Outside of the Velvet Matte lip creams I hadn’t tried any of the other lip products Bourjois offer so I figured this was a good opportunity to try out something new. Pink catwalk probably isn’t something I would pick on my own accord, the colour is something until recently I have kept my distance from.

Pink catwalk is a fuschia toned lipstick with strong red undertones. It isn’t a matte finish so it is one to be careful with if you are going out for food or drinks – it could end up all over your smoosh. Nobody wants that! It is a really beautiful colour and would look great for Spring which I am told by mildly reliable sources is coming.

What are your favourite pink-red lipsticks?


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