4 podcasts that you need to listen to (Volume 2)

I love a podcast, they have started to become a major part of my listening habits when I am on my commute or if I am cleaning the flat. Oh my glamourous life! There are so many out there and the popularity of them seems to have really exploded recently which is great because it means more things for me to listen to. This is Volume 2 of 4 podcasts that you need to listen to because since Volume 1 I have discovered so many more podcasts that I listen to religiously.

The topics I listen to have varied greatly since Volume 1 – generally they are the same genres of humorous, pop culture and history. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say.

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The High Low

The original podcast from Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes featured in Volume 1, since then they have gone their own direction from The Sunday Times Style and are now the voices behind The High Low. A mix of the high and low brow stories of the week. As ever they are humourous, honest and topical. Giving their honest opinion on the events of the weeks gone by. One thing I really love about this duo is the fact they get on Twitter every week before recording and ask listeners what they want to hear them talk about which I think really adds to the listening experience because ultimately you are listening to something that is of interest to the audience at the time of recording. Well play PanDolly – we can still call you that, right?

The High Low Twitter account

Being Boss: Mindset, Habits, Tactics and Lifestyle for Creative Entrepeneurs

This is a relatively new podcast to me, I am 4 episodes in and am enjoying it immensly. I don’t think I have ever listened to something and instantly felt inspired to go after something I have always really wanted until I heard episode 1 of Being Boss. Kathleen and Emily are entrepreneurs in their own right and both speak very openly and honestly about their experiences of starting their own business. From the struggles, the worries and the successes it is all in there.

The Being Boss website

The Debrief Podcast

Another new podcast in my life is The Debrief podcast featuring Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates. have talked us through loneliness in episode 1. They were really compassionate and open about both their own and others experiences with loneliness without being patronising.  There was an irreverent tone at times from both which was appreciated with a topic that can be quite heavy. I can’t really say too much else on this one as it has only been 1 episode to date.

The Emma Guns Show

I have been a fan of The Emma Guns show for sometime. She has interviewed amazing people from Sali Hughes to Alessandra Steinherr and Caroline Hirons. This fellow Emma is seriously well informed when it comes to all things beauty and really makes her guests feel comfortable. Her recent episode with Alessandra Steinherrr, Glamour UK Beauty Director was really insightful and intersting. Alessandra really opened up about her past and the effect that being in the beauty industry has had on her opinion of herself. It provoked thought while you were listening and really made you think actually do you know what I am bloody great and I’m going to adopt that attitude. If you are a bit of a beauty junkie like myself, get yourself into The Emma Guns Show!

Emma’s Website

What are you favourite podcasts?

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