5 links to read now

As part of my June goals I said that I wanted to start sharing more blogs that I love so I have decided to do a bit of a blended post and merge links to blogposts that I love with links to articles that I have enjoyed that week as well. I have seen a few similar posts so I am not claiming I came up with this idea – I’m not Donald Trump – nor am I copying them, it is merely inspiration that has led me to a bit of a merged post idea. Each week I share so many articles that I have loved on my Twitter, follow here, that I figured I might as well just smoosh it all into one big ol’ post. I hope you enjoy it!

Read more from Reverie de Paris: The do’s and don’ts of fashion

Laura Bates for The Pool  ‘…a classic example of The Seven Stages of Sexist BullshitTM.’

Roxane Gay for The Guardian ‘If I was conventionally hot and had a slammin’ body, I would be president’

Zoe Beaty for The Pool ‘…regardless of whether the “father” – the language used in the bill itself – is a rapist, or whether the woman is a victim of incest or systemic abuse, she must first notify him before making a decision about her own body.’

A Girl, Obsessed  3 Things that every flat lay needs

Gemma Hughes 5 more ways to organically increase your Instagram followers (& engagement)

What have you enjoyed reading this week? I’d love to find more articles to read!