5 products I am currently loving: expectations vs reality

Recently I have been really enjoying exploring new beauty products. Partly out of a love for them but also because there are so many new and exciting products out there at the moment, it would be rude not to try a new product or two! I have been trying and testing them in my daily routine for a few weeks/months so have pulled together my 5 products I am currently loving: expectations vs reality.


The Products

Since around about Christmas time 2018, I have been having a bit of a moment with more brown based nudes. Mixing things up from my normal pink based nude came out of nowhere. It had been a trend for some time but never really been something I had delved into partly because it can be done badly. Think bad 90s popstar. However, I have found a few products that have given me the perfect brown based nude lip without making me feel a little bit TLC – and not in a good way.

L’oreal Ultra matte liquid lipstick Les Chocolats in 852 Box of Chocolates

Expectation – First of all, the launch of these lipsticks completely passed me by which is odd as I love a new launch from L’oreal. Anyway, I picked up the shade 852 Box of Chocolates which is a pink based brown shade. These are described as being ‘ultra-matte’ which at first seemed a little intimidating as often matte lipsticks can be very thick and drying so I was in the frame of mind that this lipstick would leave my already slightly dry lips even drier with chunks of product caught in the cracks.

Reality – These lipsticks are really smooth and have a really moisturising formula which doesn’t dry out the lips or sit in the dry patches which was my biggest fear. The Les Chocolats range all seem to be really pigmented and so if you don’t want a full on bold, matte lip then applying with a lip brush is probably the best idea. I use a lip brush to apply a thin layer of Box of Chocolates then if I want to deepen the shade I apply another thin layer. The lipstick sets pretty quickly and does not budge. Nothing breaks down this stuff! I would disagree that it is ultra-matte and say it is more of a demi-matte as it has a velvety texture when set.

All in, I really like this lipstick and am definitely going to try out some of the other shades. As well as trying out L’oreal’s new lipsticks – Rouge Signature matte lipsticks.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi

Expectation – Continuing on with the brown based nude matte lipsticks we have the Soft Matte lip cream from NYX in Abu Dhabi. I’ve tried a few of the soft matte lip creams previously but saw Kelly from Velvet’s Edge using this one and wanted to explore more of the brown based nudes. I knew what to expect from the formula of this lipstick however I wasn’t sure of what was to come from the shade.

Reality – I was already a fan of this line of lipstick but was a little apprehensive about the Abu Dhabi as it was out of my comfort zone. Turns out, I totally love this lipstick. The shade is the perfect brown based nude without being too brown, the formula is really long lasting and transfer is limited.

Bondi Sands Dark Fake Tan Lotion

Expectation – I love a bit of fake tan, that is no secret, and I had been a devoted fan of St Tropez and St Moritz for years until I saw Bondi Sands on offer in Boots. I picked up the lotion and the spray but opted to use the lotion first. The bottle claims to give a dark tan that fades evenly and all without the infamous fake tan smell. Sounds great right?

Reality – I love this tan. It doesn’t sink into the dry patches or sit in an unattractive fashion around your fingers. It is just an even, deep beautiful tan that also doesn’t look fake. Winning. The lotion – and the spray for that matter – are both great products. Although not cheap, they are really easy to apply, long lasting and leave you with a nice deep tan. Worth every penny, in my opinion.

CND Weekly Polish in Wildfire

Expectation – At the beginning of January I went to get my nails done professionally and had been lusting after Wildfire from CND for a long time so chose to get that colour done. A little later on I realised that they also do a weekly, non-gel, line of polishes with all the same nail polish colours as the CND line. I was very excited to receive Wildfire from Nail Polish Direct because it is the perfect bright red nail and when I had the professional manicure done I loved it.

Reality – The colour is exactly as it is in the gel version of CND however the lasting power is not there. I found after a couple of days this polish started to peeling, peeling badly! I found myself having a full bare nail two days into wear and that was with the Weekly Polish top coat.

NO7 Airbrush Away Primer

Expectation – I love a bit of Stay Perfect foundation from NO7 and had tried my mums Airbrush Away Primer when I was home for a long weekend. It claims to smooth out unevenness such as pores and fine lines as well as giving skin a soft focus affect and depending on the formula you can minimise pores, boost radiance and balance colour.

Reality – This product is great, it smooths the skin and makes imperfections appear much less alongside this it also hydrates the skin as it contains hyaluronic acid. When using this primer, foundation applies so smoothly and lasts the whole day without touch-ups. It really is a lovely product and definitely becoming a staple in my makeup bag.


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