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7 Spring Flats

Yay it is almost Spring. I am so excited about the prospect of flat shoes as I am every year. Don’t get me wrong I love an ankle boot but after 5 months my ankles want to see some daylight. Every year I have the same predicament of ‘I have zero nice flat shoes to wear’ and then I panic buy. This year however I am not going to let this happen. No madam. I am preparing, planning ahead and because I am such a top gal I am sharing my research into Spring flats with you lovely lot. I give you 7 Spring Flats.

When it comes to flat shoes I think you need to have a good basic pair of flats be it a black pair or a nude pair and then have some more unique pairs when you are feeling a tad more fancy. Think leopard print, think silver… just think anything other than black, nude or tan. When it comes to Spring Flats I am not one to invest a lot in them because for some reason my flat shoes never last. This may be due to the fact that I am a bit cheap about them but I also wear them to death that by the time Autumn rolls around they are completely done and are definitely long over due a meeting with the bin. I probably should invest a little bit more in a good pair but I just don’t see the point. Maybe this is something that will come with age? Maybe not.

Some of my favourite haunts for a good Spring Flat include the usual suspects; Topshop, New Look, ASOSĀ and Zara. All have a good selection of styles, colours and sizes as well as having affordable options. Winner, winner chicken dinner.


Topshop Van Snake Print Flat Shoes

ASOS Libra Tassle Detail Pointed Loafer

New Look Stone Leopard Print Ballet Flat

Forever 21 Velvet Ballet Flats

ASOS Locket Lace Up Pointed Flats

Office Ritzy Point Slipper Cut flats

River Island Leopard print lace-up shoes

Forever 21 Pointed Faux Suede Flats


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