A hair update.

Yet another hair update. After going back to my beloved pixie cut at the end of March – read about it here – I decided that I wanted to have a little play about with dye again. Why the hell not?!

Candyfloss pink hair has always been something I have lusted after but sadly would require me too bleached my hair and sadly at the moment that just isn’t financially viable. So to keep the hair dying itch at bay I opted to pop on a purple rinse. My hair has been any colours over the years; bleach blonde, dark blonde, black, red and many variations of brown but never purple until now!

The box dye I opted for was was the Color XXL in Cyber Purple dye from¬†Schwarzkopf. When I have dyed my hair before this was never my brand of choice but I have totally been missing out. The dye doesn’t have a strong scent that over powers and you can pop it straight onto dry hair. Always a bonus.



Unless you have very light hair. you won’t end up with bright purple hair that resembles the box. My hair is a light to medium brown and I have ended up with a subtle dark purple tone to my hair which I actually really like. Maybe one day I will get my candyfloss pink hair of dreams but until then a dark purple will have to do.


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