Rêverie de Paris — daydreaming of Paris

These pages are always very difficult to write, how do I explain myself in a succinct manner without sounding like a right arsehole?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? I am Emma, a 28 year old Glaswegian living and working in Edinburgh. Previously a digital display planner buyer and paid social all rounder in the advertising agency world before moving to work on organic social media and community management which means a whole lot more copy writing which is lush.

I have been blogging on and off since 2007 jumping from many a domain name but Rêverie de Paris has been home since July 2014. You can expect fashion and beauty chats along with rambles about life, lists of things I find funny – sometimes I like to laugh at my own jokes – and everything else in between.

Rêverie de Paris is the name of my blog purely due to my lust and love for the beautiful city of Paris. Although I have never been – I daydream about it a lot… a lot a lot.

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Random Facts

I wear a lot of black.

My favourite colour is orange.

I am never without painted nails.

I am a bit of geek and have made it my life goal to never stop learning.

I love dogs – Jack Russel’s and Pugs to be precise.

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I hope you enjoy my little corner of the inter webs as much as I enjoy creating the content.