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Additions to my vinyl collection

I have been beavering away of late on eBay, the Oxfam shop, Amazon and HMV expanding my vinyl collection. And let me tell you, it is coming along not too badly. For my 28th birthday my parents gifted me my record player and I had a started with a small but pretty strong (in my opinion) collection. Since October my collection has been growing and now has it’s won little chrome basket in the corner of the living room courtesy of Sainsburys Home.

When it comes to music I am not one of those people that is bang up to date with what is in the charts. It has been said that I am a little out of touch when it comes to music. What can I say, I just don’t have a lot of time to listen to Little Mix or Justin Bieber… sorry! All bar one of the latest additions to my vinyl collection are pre-2000 because well music was just so good before then.

Buying vinyl is not cheap. The popularity of vinyl has grown in recent years and sellers are all too aware of this factor so you can find that brand new vinyl or ones that aren’t readily avaliable can be quite pricey. The Beatles and Rolling Stones for example can cost you a large chunk of your hard earned cash. Shopping on eBay and the Oxfam Shop are a couple of my favourite places to discover not only affordable but also some more niche records that wouldn’t nesesarly be in HMV, for example. For new LPs, I love going to HMV who have a really great selection as well as having records of the month or Amazon.

The Kinks – The Best of The Kinks 1964-1970

Courteeners – Anna

Rod Stewart – Body Wishes

Cher – Love Hurts

The Faces – Oh La La



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