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Argento rings


In the past gold has always been my jewellery colour choice, I don’t know why it just has but recently I have wanted to build out the silver in my collection and start to wear more silver day to day. To start the potential love affair I decided to pick up a couple of delicate silver rings from Argento. I have picked up a few presents in store for people before  but had never bought anything for myself. I did a little bit of research into different silver rings and ended up finding the Argento offering to be the most cost effective (I could end up hating silver) and the most accessible.

The Edinburgh branch of the Argento store is just along the road from the office I work in but this was a bit of a whim buy and I ended up making the purchase late one Sunday evening. The postage and packaging is free which is always a bonus and the rings arrived the Thursday after I’d ordered which is a pretty good turn around time for standard shipping in my opinion. I picked up two rings both from the Argento brand (the shop and site has a whole load of different brands to browse through) as I found a few rings that ticked the box in terms of what I was after.


When they arrived the package was lovely and unique which is a massive tick from me. Unique packaging is always a plus. The rings came in lovely little branded boxes again a really nice touch for rings that were £12 each. The two rings I picked up were the Argento Curved V ring and the Argento Pretzel ring. Both are very delicate rings which is exactly what I wanted and are quite minimal.

I am really impressed with these and am definitely going to pick up some more bits and pieces from Argento.


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