Vlogs and day-to-day posts are probably my favourite type of posts these days. I love seeing what other people are getting up to — it’s interesting (and feeds my nosey-ness!) I mean when you catch up with people you always talk about what they have been up to, vlogs and the like are just one big window into day to day doings!

Wednesday 23rd July 

A day that can only be described as a roasting hot , my mum and I took ourselves off down the West Coast of Scotland to Troon. After a picnic on the beach, we went for a wee paddle in the sea and got a 99 cone. The weather has been beyond amazing recently, totally making my week off work better. Minus the sun burn maybe — pal lass from Scotland can’t handle the heat, my skin screams and wonders what is happening!

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games kicked off and as cheesy as some of the moment in the opening ceremony were, Glasgow was shown in an amazing light. Love a laugh, don’t take it all too seriously and the vibrancy of the city. (Totally not biased being a weeg myself…)

Saturday 26th July

Happy Birthday Mum!

Today my lovely Mum turned 57. After she opened her presents we took our little bodies off to The Wee Lochan in Glasgow’s West End. I went here once before in December for my Dads 60th. The food was equally as amazing this time round as it was 7 months ago! My only moan – the staff weren’t the best.

I also bought Sherlock Series 1 & 2 on DVD (for a tenner, might I add!!) today.

       “Please describe this programme in one word?”

       ” Amazing.”

If you have lived in a cave for the past few years and missed this entirely, GO AND WATCH IT!!

Only two days with much going on this week, I won’t lie I was on holiday and spent a lot of time simply lying in the sun reading my book! Who can blame a lass, ay! Back to work tomorrow, sadly! Happy Sunday



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