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The things you were never told about adulthood.

Those little nuggets of information that were never passed down to you before you became one of those adult people. 

1. You will get tired, get sore feet and spent Friday nights in your jammies watching ‘Friday night TV’ with a bottle of wine which you will drink all of due to the tiredness and sore feet.

2. Hangovers last whole days and make doing any useful task physically impossible. Shut that blind, stay in bed and speak quietly. 

3. Ironing is not a must do chore. Creases aren’t bad. Embrace them.

4. Bills. They come every month and you fondly cast your thoughts back to that day when you could spent the amount you spend on Council Tax in a month on a new dress, a night out AND get a taxi there and back.

5. You will develop a favourite supermarket probably for the fact they have the best offers, a better selection of cheese and the staff are friendly.

6. Slowly but surely your friends will start to settle down, have babies and you won’t see them for long periods of time.

7. Getting up for work is essentially the same as getting up for school. HARD. Although at school the day didn’t seem so long but with 2 hours added on to the end of it it feels like an eternity of never ending emails.

8. Programmes like Geordie Shore will repulse you and question the type of person that would do ‘that’ on TV. There parents are probably watching. You will also no be able to handle the fact that your mum and dad will be almost certain/know for sure that you have in fact had sexual intercourse and may reference sex in conversations.

9. You will consider a number of hobbies that in your late teens, early 20s just weren’t things you would go for. Step up gardening, knitting and buying home goods. (That is 100% a hobby, I don’t care what anyone thinks)

10. Quality over quantity will become essential. A £90 blazer will have better longevity than a £15 number. The fabric is more plush, the buttons shine like nothing on earth and it’ll keep the cold out.

Adult hood is a funny one. At the end of the day, age is just a number. Sure there are responsibilities that come with being an adult but you have to balance that with the fun times. Poop.