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Origins: Controlling the Oil

Oily skin.

Pro: Less chance of wrinkles.

 Con: You look sweaty often.

The beginning of August marked a key moment in my skincare approach, my once dry face is actually in fact an oily face. Origins discovered or should it be pointed this very clear fact out to me one summers afternoon and since then I’ve totally changed what I stick on my face. Cleanser, spot fighting and moisturiser. I am even looking to switch out my foundation for aimed at oily skin. Sales Assistants love me #easytarget.

While at the Origins counter in John Lewis I opted for the Zero Oil Cleanser and the Blemish & Oil Control Spot Remover treatment pads — try saying that name quickly! Being a total easy sale, I got samples of the Out of Trouble mask and the Zero Oil Lotion.

The Zero Oil Cleanser has to be my favourite product of the moment. Taking make up off is so quick and easy rather than feeling like a chore at the end of the day when all you want to do is get into bed and drift off to the land of nod! It removes all trace of make up without drying out your skin or leaving a residue. I follow this with the Spot Remover pads which have really helped eliminate my breakouts and most importantly control them! My skin looks clearer and healthier than it has in absolutely ages. This new routine is not time consuming or overly abrasive for my skin, it has made my skin appear so much brighter than previously as well as meaning less make up is required. Perk of clearer skin.

I popped the Out of Trouble mask on a few problem areas at the beginning of getting into this skincare routine purely to speed along the clear up process but lucky haven’t need to use it again recently *touches wood.* Another beautiful product that really cleans out your pores and leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and not clogged up which is a lovely feeling, I have to say! A little really does go along way with the mask. The moisturiser samples although they were weighty samples did not last long! Moisturising twice a day, naturally they wouldn’t. I liked this moisturiser but I didn’t love it. I prefer something a little less gel like and a touch thicker so have chosen a La Roche Posay moisturiser for now but no doubt I will go back to an Origins moisturiser in the past as their products are just so very very good.