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Everyday Face.

Question: “Will I ever see you without eye liner?” 

Answer: “No.”

What I put on my face doesn’t change often unless I am feeling widely adventurous and decide not to wear as much eye liner — this rarely happens — and decide to slick on some bright lipstick. This doesn’t happen as often as it used to. I just need eye liner in my life.

The volume of eye liner I wear had been noted by many a person, some stating with shock in their voices “…black all round her eyes, every single day…” Yep. That is me. Without it I just feel lost.

Don’t expect anything ground breaking. My make up is pretty standard, I don’t do anything wildly fancy or fussy (depends on your definition of this I suppose) but it is what I put on my face day in, day out.


Two Five.

Two Five.

Person: “25 years, that’s a quarter of a Century!” Me: “Why, yes, it is indeed that.” The 31st of October 2014 marks my 25th Birthday. …