Why I’m excited for The Hills New Beginnings

The Hills is back after 9 years off our screens.

The Hills: New Beginnings started on MTV this past Monday with a selection of our favourite cast members from the original. Missing is Lauren Conrad but that didn’t come as a shock really. With her businesses to run, her family and her second baby cooking away I don’t think there would have been a place for her anymore. There has also been a bit of a shift away from having 1 main character in reality shows to more of a focus on a group of people.

This new programme sees the return of Audrina, Heidi and Spencer, Stephanie, Brody *Swoon*, Frankie, Justin Bobby *Swoon* and Whitney. With new cast members including Brody’s wife – already having hair envy- Kaitlyn, Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s son, Brandon and Mischa Barton of OC fame.

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So why am I so excited for the return of The Hills?

When Laguna Beach first aired in 2004 I was the tender age of 15 and instantly became addicted to the weekly drama of LBHS. Lauren Conrad – LC to chums at the time – was the girl next door that was in a tricky romantic situation. She was also from a wealthy family and lived in a huge mansion in California, aspirational much! Quite the contrast to a sheep farm in the West of Scotland.

For me, and for many girls in my age bracket, LC became a bit of a girl crush. Naturally we all followed her to LA for The Hills and watched the turbulent relationships that happen in your late teens and early 20s. Boyfriends cheat, friendships breakdown, you don’t get the job you really wanted and you spent a whole lot of time getting ready with your pals to go out to a nightclub where you know there will be some drama. No doubt with a boy you fancy. Them where the days!

Reality TV Superfan

Aside from being a superfan of the original The Hills, I am a massive fan of reality TV. Real Housewives, Below Deck, Married to Medicine – the works. Hayu is the best money I spend each month. Along with being a superfan, from watching The Hills for the entire run there is a sense of getting to know the characters. Yes, I know that a lot of it is scripted but hear me out. You see them in their 20s, trying to work things out and now we have an insight into the next chapter. Funnily enough they are now all in their early 30s, which I am fast approaching!

There are people of the opinion that The Hills: New Beginnings shouldn’t be a thing because do we really need more white, privileged individuals on our TVs? Probably not. However, hear me out, the younger me saw it as aspirational. That was probably where my ever strong lust for a Chanel bag started but 29 year old me has a different view. It is escapism ultimately. Reality TV has become much more sophisticated and is a big business in terms of driving product placement and clothing sponsorship deals and you can for the most part spot a bit of PP easily and block that out.

For me, it is all about finding out what is going to happen with Audrina and Justin Bobby. Will Brody buck up and start acting like a grown ass man that married, what seems to be so far, a nice women? Can Heidi and Spencer repair their relationship with Stephanie? And what is Mischa Barton going to bring to this reboot?

There is a bit of an element of people reading a bit too much into it and trying to make it a bigger thing than it is. It is light hearted TV that should be taken at face value. Therefore reading any deeper into it just eliminates the fun of it.

The rest, is still unwritten…