Beauty: A week in lip products

Lipsticks are among one of my favourite beauty products to buy (eye liner, cleanser and nail polish feature heavily in my collection as well as lip products.) I figured I might as well do a little rundown of the products I used in a week that was work heavy and ended with my live-in besties 25th Birthday. You know there had to be a good lip for that!


Monday – GOSH Angel (£6.99) and L’oreal Infalliable Cream lip gloss in 103 Protest Queen (£6.99)

It was a Monday morning and I had just about slept off one of the worst hangovers I think I’ve ever had, I was in the mood for my signature black eye liner smudged out to within an inch of it’s life and a nude lip that didn’t require too much attention. Without a doubt this is my go-to lip combination. These products are always in my bag should I need a quick top up that doesn’t require too much attention or care in application. Angel is the perfect nude, in mu opinion, it is the right mix of pink and beige but is definitely veering more on the pinky side. I wrote a full review on the angel which you can read here.

Protest Queen is a lip gloss that I repurchase every time the tube comes to the end. Again it is the perfect nude, you don’t end up with Tippex lips but you get a nice natural shade to the lips while adding a touch of gloss. It is quite a thick, creamy  gloss so if you aren’t a fan this one might not be for you.

Tuesday – Carmex Lip Pot Original (£2.69)

Not such an exciting or glamorous day for lip products. Good old Carmex, a product you can never go wrong with really. My lips were dry and a bit sore after accidentally burning my top lip with some hair removal cream so they were in need of some TLC. I had planned on wearing a matte red to cheer up a Tuesday but it would have just looked awful next to my dry and tender top lip so layers of Carmex through out the day it was.

Wednesday – MAC Creme Cup (£15.50)

The top lip was still in a bit of a bad way and slapping on a bold lip just wouldn’t have looked good so instead I opted for another of my favourite nudes. This time in the shape of MAC Creme Cup. Being part of the creme sheen formula this light pink is an easy to wear lipstick if you don’t want to have to fuss.

Although this can be a bit of a drying formula, it didn’t irritate my lip too much so I didn’t end up with a flaky top lip which obviously would have been really sexy! On days when I am not really feeling GOSH Angel, Creme Cup is always the lipstick that I turn to. You just can’t go wrong with it!

Thursday – NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Prague (£5.50)

Finally able to wear a lip colour without it highlighting my dry lip – thank the skincare gods for thick moisturiser. Unfortunately I woke up with a blood shot, sore eye therefore I figured the best way to distract from it would be a bit of a matte lip. Described as a ‘matte merlot’ Prague is a berry based lip cream that is really flattering to the skin. The NYX soft matte lip creams aren’t drying at all and once the product has set on your lips it really doesn’t budge.

I have always been a big fan of the Bourjois Rouge Velvet edition liquid lipsticks so naturally when I saw the NYX matte lip creams I was curious. Prague was my first venture into the brand and range, it has not been my last. These lip creams are brilliant. The colour range is great, the formula is made for staying in place and you won’t end up with dry lips. This will definitely be a pick for Autumn/Winter teamed with a simple knit, some black jeans and an ankle boot. Lush.

Friday – Maxfactor Colour Elixir lip gloss in Pristine Nude (£8.99)

I had planned on wearing a red lip today but decided at the last minute that I need my black eye liner for a little bit of a confidence boost. Instead of slicking on one of my favourite matte reds I opted for Maxfactor Colour Elixir lip gloss in Pristine nude. This is a much thinner lip gloss than the L’Oreal and is more sheer but still really pretty. It definitely isn’t one for your hair to get stuck in – not that I have that issue with my short hair!

Saturday – GOSH Angel (£6.99)

I lip repeated!

The initial plan for my night out had been minimal eye make up and a dark plum lip but at the last minute I decided to throw on a smokey eye so of course my go to lippie had to come with me. You can read all about GOSH Angel in Monday’s lip so I won’t prattle on about it again. This is great for a night out as it is easy to apply without a mirror and you don’t need to worry about bleeding or getting it on your teeth. Pornstar Martinis won’t make this wear in an unflattering manner!

Sunday – Blistex Intensive moisturiser (£2.65)

This was a no make up day. Lush. I didn’t get out of bed properly till about half 5 that evening so there wasn’t really any point bothering with makeup. All I did was wash my face, put on some serum and moisturisor with a bit Blistex Intensive moisturiser and I was good to go. This is my go to lip care product if Carmex isn’t cutting it. It’s a little bit more soothing and works really quickly. It really does require a light hand thought otherwise you can end up looking like you’ve given head to a snow man! Just a warning.


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