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Beauty: Neutrogena Hydro boost cleanser

When it comes to cleanser I am a bit of an impulse buyer. A  new cleanser comes on the market which leads me to going to Boots to pick it up – I just can’t get enough of the stuff! The latest newbie in my cleanser stash is the Neutrogena Hydro boost cleanser. When I first read about this range I was pretty intrigued by it being a dehydrated skin owner. I was actually pretty well behaved when I went to see the line in Boots, by this I mean I left with only one product. *pats self on back*neutrogenahydroboost

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Coined as giving a hydration boost while removing excess oil, dirt and make up to leaving the skin feeling clean and hydrated. Along with locking in hydration with a barrier. Smart little Neutrogena. Products that are put in the bracket of for dry, sensitive skin can sometimes cause my face to swell. Sexy. My eyelids swell up, my face becomes like crepe paper and generally it just all feels a teeny tiny bit weird and uncomfortable. The Neutrogena hydro boost cleanser is the first product I’ve tried in a while that doesn’t do this at all. Not even slightly. I wake up in the morning with a hydrate feeling face that hasn’t had a reaction to any of the ingredients. Winner, winner chicken dinner! In all seriousness, this is a great product for the dehydrated, sensitive skin owners of the land. The gel product turns almost foamy and creamy when it meets water which is perfect for getting off the days makeup or preparing your face for the makeup that is coming it’s way.

Within the line there is also a miceller water, two face creams and some facial wipes. The next stop for me will be the face creams because alongside cleanser I am a total sucker for a face cream.

Have you tried any of the new hydro range from Neutrogena?



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