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We are all well aware that a good nights sleep makes us much better the following day. We shine that little bit brighter in meetings, our studying is more engaged and we generally are nicer to our peers. Don’t deny it, we’ve all had a wee grumpy moment due to tiredness. A bad nights sleep can be a result of many a thing but mostly, in my opinion, it is due to having a bedroom that is lacking just a little something. Whether it be your pillows are just a teeny, tiny bit too hard or your duvet isn’t quite cool enough for the warmer nights or maybe your curtains let in a little too much of the wonderful bright summer mornings. It is safe to say that we have all been the victim of a bad nights sleep.

There are things that you can do to help combat a bad nights sleeps, now don’t quote me on these if they don’t make you have the best nights sleep of your life but they will definitely help. When it comes to a good nights sleep, I think, the astectic is important. A nice room along with nice linen is important for getting a good nights sleep.

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There are three areas to consider for your bedroom when you are having a redesign: bedding, curtains and lighting. Three simple but key areas to make for the best sleeping experience.You might think well this is very basic and very obvious but a lot of people neglect these areas and instead spend money on other more trend led sleeping remedies. Pillow spray, I’m looking at you. Shall we go through my three areas one at a time?

Ok, let’s go.

1 : Bedding

When it comes down to bedding I am a crisp white linen kind of girl. Some may say it looks a bit clinical but with some bright, fun cushions thrown on the bed during the day it looks miniamilst while still having a little touch of personality. Most of the cushions on my bed are handmade bar the Paris (shock!) cushion and the fluffy grey which were both Primark Home purchases. I like the mix of textures and print that add a little something to my bed.

Bedding is something you should look to invest in. Personally Egyptian cotton bedding is my favourite, it feels great on the skin and washes beautifully. You won’t end up with grey sheets if you invest a little. Trust me. If I am feeling a little fancy, I will on occasion go mad and pop on a light blue striped duvet set when the all white is wearing on me a little.

Have fun with bedding, experiment with prints and colours until you find a set that when you get into bed feels comforting and when you wake up in the morning you feel rested and like you would love to stay in bed for the rest of the day. Obviously not because you are tired but just because it is such a comfortable little haven.

2 : Curtains

Now this can be a tricky one. My flat, the bedrooms in particular, get the sun most in the morning which is lovely if you are up and out for work but if you are nursing a little bit of a hangover it can be a bit of a burden. We also live in a tenament building meaning we have big, wide windows that are beautiful but boy can it be hard to get curtains to fit. My flatmate and I have very different approaches to curtains. She opts for a full on black out whereas I have a light pair of off white (surprise) curtains. I do get quite a lot of sunlight beaming in of a morning but being an early riser I quite enjoy waking up to a bright, sunny room. Call me crazy.

Like with your bedding, you should get a pair of curtains that really suit you. Emma, my flatmate, opts for a Next black out curtain whereas my off white, lighter curtains are courtesy of IKEA. When it comes to making your bedroom comfortable on these light summer nights it is important to consider what you are really looking for. Do you want total darkness? Maybe a little hint of daylight shining in would make for a more calm and relaxed atmoshphere for you to drift off to sleep? The Yorkshire Linen Company have a really wide range of curtains. Pretty much every shade you could imagine and fittings to suit all needs be it tab, eyelet or pencil pleat. Although having luxurious, comfortable and pleasing on the eye bedding is important if you are being blinded by sunlight at 6.30am chances of you sleeping well are pretty slim. Invest in a good, fit for purpose pair of curtains and you will be sleeping better than Sleeping Beauty. You never know, your Prince Charming might wake you with a lovely coffee and some toast.

The room that I occupy in my flat has a window above the door and being a top floor flat we have a sky light that lets in a lot of light. It is also a flat that is floorboards in every room this can get a little bit chilly in the cooler nights and the full on cold months. This is where a door curtain comes in handy. They block out the unwanted glare from the skylight in the hall and the light fittings as well as keeping my room cosy when the chilly nights bite. You can get thermal door curtains in the Yorkshire linen collection. They block out the unwanted glare from the skylight in the hall and the light fittings as well as keeping my room cosy when the chilly nights bite. Best of all, you can get a really chi,c beautiful curtain that adds a little touch to your doorway. Functional and looks fab!

3 : Lighting

When it comes to settling down at night, lighting is a key factor. Sure the summer nights are lighter but if you want to settle down to a chapter of your book past 10, you will definitely need a bed side lamp. For a long time I was using a desk lamp on my bedside table and it was not a good idea. It was too harsh in its brightness and didn’t put me in the frame of mind that it was wind down time. Instead I felt alert and like sleep was not what I should be doing. Then I invested in a chic lamp that is perfect for bedside. The bulb isn’t blaringly bright, it is soft enough to not make me feel relaxing is entirely the wrong thing to be doing while offering just the right amount of light to get through a few pages of my book. This lamp is from Homebase and has a really gorgeous art deco feel to it that I think looks great against the white bedding. It may be a bit of a tricky bulb size to locate but for a lamp that looks that pretty and adds to my bedtime atmosphere I really can’t complain.

This post was collaboration post with The Yorkshire Linen Company





  1. August 18, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    This post is making me miss my bed haha! Your room looks cosy, personally I love a white bedroom too. I so agree, I think it’s important to invest in bedding x

    What Josie Did Next

    • August 24, 2017 / 8:29 am

      Haha! That is the story of my life really – forever thinking about bed. Thank you, it is pretty cosy. Definitely my haven! White bedrooms are the way forward, for sure x

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