Berry lips

I go on about berry lips like nothing on earth in Autumn. I just bloody love them. This year, I have added a few new berry shades to my lipstick collection which I probably don’t need but a girls gotta do what a girl gotta do. When it comes to dark lips I like them to be matte, rich colours that last. A key when wearing a berry shade on your lips is liner. All about dat liner.

The Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks are my favoruite lipsticks. Everything about them is just so perfect. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Plum Plum Girl is just as perfect a colour as Red Pepper or Ole Flamingo. A deep berry shade that is perfect for Autumn/Winter and looks fab on a night out with really simple eye make up.


Rimmel The Only 1 in Under My Spell is the newest edition to my collection and I won’t lie, I bought it because of the name… A touch deeper than Plum Plum Girl this shade is probably veering more to the purple based berry shades. Super vampy and gorgeous. The Only 1 lipsticks have a really velvet-y texture with really strong pigmentation.

A cult classic. Rimmel Kate Moss 106 is the age old favourite of beauty bloggers from here to Australia. A red based berry that applies so smoothly with super strong lasting power. I don’t think I’ve heard a single person say a bad word about this lippie.

Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipstick  are a bit of a newbie on the lipstick circuit and they are a good one. I picked up Divine Wine, this is a bit more of a deep brown berry and is again a really vampy lip colour. It is really eye catching because it is so intense. There are slight blue undertones in Divine Wine resulting in super white looking teeth. Bonus.

The final lipstick is more of a gloss-balm hybrid. Soap and Glory Gloss Crayon in Raplumzel is a really nice softer, more subtle berry if you are looking for something a little less eye catching. It still makes an impact and is definitely a favourite of mine when I am looking for a little gloss of colour but not a full on matte lip.

What are your favourite berry lipsticks?



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