Buzzcut Pixie

Having short hair means regular haircuts and gives me the ability to change my hair style frequently well I can change it to different pixie cut styles which I like to take advantage of. I am a Scorpio after all, we love a bit of reinvention so we do. This time I took in a picture of Ginnifer Goodwin as my inspiration. I was opting for an undercut with the top fringe piece being really defined and quite full. I love Ginnifer so I do.

When my hair dresser got out the clippers I will admit I was a bit scared but once she started cutting away and then the top layer took on the shape and texture I really started to warm to it. It is different and I wouldn’t say it was for the faint hearted especially if you have gone from long locks to this unless you are 100% sure it is what you want. If I could get my hair a candy floss pink colour with this cut I would be so happy but somehow I don’t think that this would go down too well in the office. A girl can dream.


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