NYX base makeup


NYX landed in Edinburgh in the Summertime and naturally my first stop was the soft matte lip creams. After I had decided that I loved them I decided to venture out into the other products, wild. I know. I was in need of a new foundation and couldn’t find my shade in my one true love – Bourjois Healthy Mix – so I decided to give NYX a try. I went for the High Definition foundation in the shade nude. This foundation is so natural looking on the skin but gives a great coverage. You don’t cake up or look overly made up, it is very much your skin but better. Perfect. When you look at the tube you feel a little cheated. At 33.3ml, you think this will only cover my face twice maybe three on a good skin week however with the High Definition foundation a little goes a long way. You will get an even, natural coverage with a pea sized amount blended in with a Miracle complexion sponge. Job done. Super long lasting and you 100% will not need to touch up through out the day.

Along with the foundation, I picked up theĀ NYX Dark circle concealer. I don’t have particularly dark circles under my eyes but I do like a bit of illumination under my eyes so I figured I might as well give this a bash! Another great buy that is really affordable. NYX is killing it! This really brightens up under the eyes and makes you look more awake which is great for a sleepy Tuesday morning. Being almost 27 I am starting to get some itty-bitty fine lines under my eyes but with the Dark circle concealer I do not have a problem with the product gathering in my little lines. Another total bargain product that really works.

What have you tried from NYX?