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Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

The days of me applying foundation with my fingers are long gone, over the years the process has been replaced with many a different brush from the classic foundation brush to a myriad of buffing brushes from MAC to Real Techniques. My new love is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge.

Beauty blenders and the like have been common favourites on the beauty circuit for the past year or so but actually investing in the fully blown beauty blender is not something I have actually done – yet. For the time being I am using the Real Techniques offering and am bloody loving it.



The latest trick which is actually not a trick at all, it tells you to do it on the packaging, is to lightly dampen the sponge before applying foundation. Why I didn’t read the instructions before I don’t know but this process has totally changed the application and finish of my foundation.

To find out about my current base routine click here

When it comes to my base make up I like a natural but build-able coverage. Nothing too matte and heavy looking – all about the glow this one is. Although I use a foundation that does give me glow, I have found that since starting to set the sponge damp the glow has just been enhanced but without being too much. I don’t look like a disco ball. Since adopting the damp sponge method I have also found that my foundation is lasting a lot better, it is wearing in a much more even and natural way than flaking off in patches left, right and centre. Winning.(This could also be down to less central heating as it is May but I’ve never had a huge problem with central heating giving me dry patches, I become more of a single dry patch! Yummy.)

So am I sold on the damp sponge technique and the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge?

Yes, 100%. It is definitely what I have been looking for in terms of base make up application. Natural finish that really is quick and easy to apply. If you haven’t tried your make up sponge damp or haven’t even considered using a make up sponge do it! Do it right now.