Mastering liquid liner

Liquid liner can be a bit of a tricky one. Some days you can end up with a perfectly lined top lash line and then other days you can look a bit like a child has taken a Crayola marker to your lid. I have dabbled in liner for probably about 11 or 12 years – that is a tiny bit scary – and have had my fair share of liner mishaps. In that time I have also managed to whittle down my favourite liquid liners, there are two to be exact and I use both of them when I apply. Some people make think why not just find one that does the job? To be honest, the two I use work for me so I stick to them. I have very sensitive eye lids and anything a little too harsh makes my eyes swell – it is a really good look. Trust me.

Before I prattle off my Mastering liquid liner tips and tricks let me first discuss the two liners that are my holy grail products. First is a bit of a cult favourite and comes in the shape of the Rimmel Exgagerate liquid liner in black (obvs.) So why do I love this stuff so much? Well it is an intense black that is super long lasting and doesn’t crease. It is also really affordable and readily available. My only issue with this product is the applicator, I find it a little tricky to get a precise line with the bendy tip. This is where my other favourite liquid liner comes into play, the Superliner So Couture pen from L’Oreal. The main aim of this product in my eye liner routine is to give me a really clear line to fill in with the Rimmel liner. Although the pigmentation of the L’oreal liner isn’t the best, it is a really precise liner pen. This gives me the perfect shape relatively hassle free.

So now that you know my favourite products to help with mastering liquid liner some tips would be good to get you to achieve your liquid liner goals. As Gabrielle taught us, dreams can come true.

Tip One: Workout the style you want

When it comes to mastering liquid liner you need to work out which of the many styles there are you want to master. Have a look on Pinterest, look at your favourite celebrities or YouTubers and swat up. There is so much content surrounding eye liner on the inter web that doing a little bit of research will ultimately result in you skipping past the dodgy liner phases that you definitely don’t want.

Tip Two: Swat up

Once you have decided on the style you want, it is time to get swatting. Go on YouTube and blogs to see step by step guides of how to create your desired eye liner look. Both are bursting with tutorials and guides of how to achieve the liner look that you so desire so definitely make both your port of call.

Tip Three: Buy & try

Experiment with different liquid liner brands and methods of application until you find one that you really like. One that ticks all the boxes and helps you in your quest at mastering liquid liner.

Tip Four: Practice

It is a cliche but practice makes perfect. The more you use liquid liner, the more comfortable you will become with it and the more often than not you will get the look you so desire. Don’t get disheartened if you end up with a look you weren’t after, everyone has bad liner days.

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