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Maybelline Marinho

Another week another Maybelline Colour Show nail polish. I am genuinely a really big fan of this range; it is affordable, has an excellent colour range and has lasts. What more could you really need from a nail polish?


I have previously discussed my love for the beautiful Power Red from this line but this time I want to chat Marinho. A totally different shade but an equally beautiful one. In the bottle Marinho looks like it will be a navy. Nothing really special but do not let this full you. This is not the case at all. The polish looks black in some lights but after closer inspection you can see the navy tonesĀ and is really shiny. It takes a few layers to build up the colour but once you have layered it up the colour is a really intense shade that is a bit different. Definitely a nice one to switch in amongst the blacks and dark reds.

Maybeline Power Red

Maybeline Power Red

Oh red nails. You classy, sassy nail colour. Besides deep dark shades, red is my other favourite nail polish. It is nice and simple …