Nail Polish to make you look tanned.

Fake tan has retired from my beauty routine but it is still nice to pop on some nail polish and to feel tanned. Even if your dad asks if you are feeling okay as you are looking a bit pale. Thanks Dad. Just thanks.

On Sunday, I popped on one of these polishes and from there I had a bit of a light bulb moment and out came the nail polish box. Commence rummage. From my pretty vast collection of nail polishes I found 5 that really do make non-tanned skin appear a bit warmer.


Rimmel I love Lasting Finish Tasty Tangerine

Orange is my favourite colour and this shade with or without a tan really looks gorgeous on the fingers and toes. It is warm and a nice subtle shade of orange rather than anything crazy and neon. Plus it is a total bargain.

Essie Mint Candy Apple

A cult favourite if there ever was one. This beautiful pale green adds a nice little pop of colour to the nails  while looking fresh. Plus it is a little bit different.

New Kid Pink Macaron

A brand I have never heard of but it came free with a magazine and was gifted to me by my flat mate. This is quite a blue toned pink but it doesn’t drain the colour from your hands, it just adds a non-offensive splash of pink.

Barry M Gelly Shine in Blueberry

A heather blue toned shade, Barry M Blueberry really is a gorgeous colour. Probably not one for the office but it is still a beautiful Spring/Summer colour that will be sure to add some colour to your day. And some tan to your hands!

Models Own Neon Bubblegum

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram then you will have seen my love for this nail polish. Part of the Models Own Neon Collection this polish is bloody brilliant. It is the perfect neon, highlighter pink. Plus the formula of these polishes is incredible.