To Fake Tan or Not to Fake Tan?

Fake tan is one of those beauty products that you either adore or loath. I say that but I majorly swing from adoring to loathing, one moment I want to be the colour or teak the next peely-wally is the tone for me. I recently tanned after not wearing any for about 6 months or so and although at first I totally loved it, after time my skin went really dry and I got some very unwanted black heads on my shoulders. Shoulder acne – it happens! I also had a conversation with a male friend about fake tan and his opinion. Sure a bit of a healthy glow is nice but without tan girls looks less fake. This got me thinking.

I have never been particularly comfortable in my own skin and at times make up as felt like a bit of a mask I put on recently however I have felt a little more secure in myself and have started to realise how much fun playing about with different make up looks can be. After applying my fake tan, I had the normal next day high of my beautiful bronzed limbs but then the dreaded fading came. Followed by the patches. You know how it goes. I started to think, was it really worth all the hair removal and exfoliating that I put in on a Sunday night? Or should I just embrace my natural skin tone and use my Sunday nights to sip gin and watch an episode or 4 of House of Cards? Dilemma I hear you say.

Both options have lots of pros and cons – as any decision does – and I have been on both the orange and the not to so orange side. There is a really big part of me that feels like hiding behind a layer (or two) of fake tan was part of the old me that I have pushed into my past and I am moving on from. Embracing the natural me – don’t get me wrong I am still layering up the eyeliner and rockin a lippie – is a good move for me. Oh how dramatic am I making the questions of whether to tan or not!!