Origins Oil Control Zero Oil


Sack the moisturising products, step forth oil control.

For as long as I can remember I have purchased products targeted to dry skin. My skin felt dry and sore so naturally I assumed my skin was screaming out for moisture until I took a trip to the Origins counter in John Lewis. Ground breaking information, brace yourself — I have oily skin! Who knew.

It was time for new skincare. For proper skincare.

With this new found information, I purchased a couple of Origins products in order to keep the oil at bay. The Sales Assistant recommended the Zero Oil cleanser which feels amazing when taking off your make up. It really makes your skin feel clean and tingly. To follow she suggested the Blemish & Oil Control Spot Remover treatment pads. These feels lovely swiped across freshly cleansed skin and should aid in combating the little outbreaks I have been having recently.