Negative internet comments

At one point or another everyone has received a comment that is meant to be or is perceived to be negative. It happens whether it be from a friend, family member or your boss. Since the rise of the internet and the social element that has come hand in hand with this, the volume of negative comments has grown to no end. A negative comment via the internet be it on something you have written on a blog or on a Tweet is a little different, in my opinion, than criticism from someone you know in real life.

When it comes from a stranger via the internet it is a different kettle of fish. This person doesn’t know you and doesn’t know the internal opinions, feeling or emotional state that goes with the external outcome. With this in mind, why does this allow you anyone to make a comment calling someone “fat” or “ugly” or even draw a conclusion on an opinion. There are times where certain opinions should be cut down to size of course ie. Donald Trump but you shouldn’t be told you are wrong because you don’t like One Direction.

I’ve never experienced trolling that has been directed at me, I have had comments that have come via individuals that are trying to target the person I have re-tweeted, for example. The usual masochistic nonsense that comes from a female being happy to indulge in beauty products and openly express her enjoyment of them. Although this was sent to me, it was direct at others in the tweets. Could it be that this individual is just maybe a little bit of a shite bag and has nothing better to do with their time? Probably. I mean this is highly probable. I would very much enjoy this person coming up to me in a pub and telling me that because I have eye liner on and have re-applied my lip gloss that I have a stupid female. Alas this won’t happen.

The internet, in my opinion, has become a place for those with highly formed opinions to express them in a forceful almost ambush like way. They are sitting behind a screen be it computer or phone and running with an idea that is probably not in context. I am not saying that an intelligent conversation or debate about differing opinions is wrong, not at all. What I think is wrong is the scathing comments meant to belittle people because the person making said comment probably isn’t feeling that brilliant about themselves.

Have you had negative internet comments before? How did you deal with them?