Understanding your Facebook audience beyond likes

When it comes to your Facebook audience there is more to it than simply keeping an eye on the likes as they roll in or not. They may come in thick and fast but that doesn’t mean that these people are part of your target audience, they may not be the users who will engage with your content or visit your site.

The first thing to consider is the audience that you actually reach.

Read about understanding reach and impressions.


The users that see your content aren’t limited to the people who actually like your page, oh no! Reach is the unique number of people who saw your content from your page and can give you a really good baring on your most effective audience. Looking at reach over time is key in understanding how your content attracts users to engage.

If you run paid activity as well as organic then you are going to want to separate out this data so you can compare and contrast across the two. Paid and organic activity need to be reviewed separately as one has a budget, targeting and a bidding metric behind it whereas the other has no budget behind it or bidding metric.This said they will have different results.

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