Indigo Yard, Edinburgh : A review

Saturday lunch was done at Indigo Yard in the heart of Edinburgh’s West End. Specialising in Artisan eats and craft beers Indigo Yard is a trendy (shudders at the use of that awful word) spot to catch up with friends and enjoy some nice food in the heart of the capital.

I had been once before many moons ago, don’t ask me when or what I had to eat because I won’t lie to you, I have no idea! I do know, I had a ginger beer to drink though. I digress. Saturday we went off there for lunch to get in away from the snow storm and to catch up on the happenings of the week.




The first thing that strikes you about Indigo Yard is the decor. It is rustic with added fairy lights for a relaxed atmosphere. The food can be hit or miss. The first time I ventured here – although I can’t remember specifically what I had – it was delicious. This time was a bit of a let down. We opted for the sharing platter and some chips. The sharing platter was a nice selection of Pate, Chicken Skewers (you did only get two which was a bit of a let down, gimmie more chicken!!) some olives and ribs which to be honest had about as much meat on them as a carrot?! That’s a saying right?? You are probably thinking well you probably opted for a weak choice but being in the Centre of Edinburgh with Centre of Edinburgh prices you would expect something a little more thought out. The one saviour was the delicious Rekorderlig on draft. Delicious in its non-draft form but something about a draft cider just makes it all the more wonderful.

I would go back to Indigo Yard and experience more of the menu but I won’t be racing back for food any time soon. For drinks, yes. It is the perfect location for some drinks especially with their cocktail menu. Yum yum.