The perfect G&T

When it comes to a tipple I dance between drinks. I enjoy a dark rum and ginger, I love a glass of prosecco but when it comes down to it I always go back to my one true love – a gin and tonic. There is something very refreshing about the good ol’ G&T and I will admit that since branching out into trying different gins and tonics, I have become a bit of a tonic snob.

As much as a good gin really helps to make the perfect gin and tonic, a bad tonic will just ruin the whole glass. For me, my favourite tonic is Fever Tree. From the classic slimline tonic to the Elderflower twist and not forgetting a stop off at the Aromatic tonic that features angostrura which helps to make the perfect pink G&T. Lush. A perfect summer tipple.

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Pick your gin: Work out what notes you like in your gin. I like gins that are a little more on the fruity side, Bombay Sapphire is one of my favourites along with Pickerings gin.

Tonic: A good tonic is key. Are you after a classic G&T or do you want to mix things up a little with a flavoured tonic?

Garnish: Read up what garnish works with your gin of choice. Cucumber with Hendricks as I’m sure pretty much everyone knows about. Orange peel works great with Bombay Sapphire but from time to time I like to stick to the classic lime for a change from the orange kick.

I like to store my gin in the freezer for a few hours before I rustle up my beautiful beverage, this makes the gin a little thicker and gloopy which just adds to the flavour. Ice is also essential because who really wants room temperature G&T?!

What is your ultimate G&T combination?