How to: Chilli Lentil Soup

Nothing beats home made soup and I mean nothing. Especially when it involves boiling a joint of ham in order to get fresh ham stock and then having the fore mentioned ham for dinners for days to come. Yum! Lentil soup is a bit of a sometimes I love it, sometimes I despise it soup but I was out for lunch recently in Edinburgh and had some gorgeous soup so naturally I started to think hmm maybe I should make some for myself. A Tesco order later, a water spillage in the kitchen which put out the gas ring (oops) and a few hours of cooking and I have myself some delicious Chilli Lentil Soup.


Ham Stock – from stock cubes is totally fine if you don’t fancy boiling up a ham joint

2 Cups of lentils

A white onion

3 carrots

Chilli Flakes



Bring your ham joint to the boil and simmer for 2 hours on a low heat. Once you have done that, out comes the meat and skim off any fat that is on the top of your stock. Then add in your white onion, I like to half mine, along with your 3 carrots and 2 cups of lentils. Your stock will be at simmering point so just let it simmer away for another couple of hours. After this, blend your soup added in your seasons and chilli flakes to taste. That is it!

Super simple and super tasty!