Bad dates

“When faced with the reality of a bad date, I think most people have the reaction of “Oh chirst I have to get out of here” and then you end up in the bathroom sending your SOS text.” Bad dates are pretty common ground when you are in your 20s and searching out your one… Read More Bad dates

May Goals

“Have a way to track your progress through out the month, you can’t see how far you’ve come if you aren’t keeping track. Find a tracking method that works for you and hit the ground running.” Setting out monthly goals has been something I have done for near enough a year now but it has… Read More May Goals

My mum

It is Merry Maw Day so I hope you have all suitably spoiled the motherly figure in your life. This year I wasn’t physically with mama F but I’m sure she isn’t that bothered. Generally when we are together I ply her with gin, urge her to pop open that bottle of Prosecco she has… Read More My mum

Sali Hughes at Waterstones West End, Edinburgh

“She was witty and came across eloquent and intelligent throughout. She talked openly and honestly about the role beauty products play in our lives and the negative perception from certain individuals.” Sali Hughes has become one of my favourite columnists in the last year due to her straight talking, matter of fact writing where she… Read More Sali Hughes at Waterstones West End, Edinburgh