The start of my vinyl collection

For my 28th birthday my lovely parents gifted me a record player which had been on my wish list for quite a while but was something I’d never actually got round to purchasing. Now that I have it I realise that I should have bitten the bullet and purchased one earlier. However it is a nice thing to have that I know it came from my mum and dad. As it stands, my vinyl collection isn’t huge. It is pretty substantial for being something I’ve been able to buy and actually enjoy for a little over a month so I am pretty pleased with its growth and look forward to adding many more a vinyl into my collection. And for putting them on and singing my little heart out to some of my favourite tracks. Probably with a gin in hand. Who am I kidding!

My collection is made up of a mix of my mum and dads records, charity shop buys and brand spanking new vinyls given to me as Birthday presents or that I have bought myself. A pretty good mix of the old and new. Records are quite expensive so I will be building my collection over sometime but it reminds me of being younger and saving up my pocket money for a new tape or CD. It is the same kind of excitement.

The record player I have is the Mustrad Player in the light blue colour which is a nice pop of a different colour in the living room of my flat. The sound on it is really clear and the volume goes pretty loud which I obviously love (and I’m sure my neighbours hate!)

On to the records.

The first record I got was Courteeners – Mapping the Rendezvous. If you follow me on Twitter or Instragram then you will be well aware that I am a super fan of this band. Having followed them since St Jude came out 10 years ago, I am pretty chuffed that my first record was their latest album. The plan is that I will get all of their albums on vinyl eventually but the earlier ones are pretty tricky to find.

Next up in the new records were given to me from my flatmate for my birthday. Jessie Ware – Glasshouse and Blondie – Parallel Lines. Both of these are up there in my favourite albums. Jessie Ware writes really beautiful lyrics and there is the perfect mix of upbeat and slower songs on all her albums. Glasshouse is a great album and Jessie Ware is another one I plan on picking up all her albums. It would be rude not to get some Blondie in my collection. The woman is a legend. My love of her has definitely been influenced by my mum. Debbie Harry is the ultimate cool gal (she is up there with Kate Moss) and writes great songs that no matter where you are or the mood you are in you will always singalong.

The rest of my records are pre owned. They are a mix of ones from my parents collection and ones that I have picked up from the Oxfam website and Discogs. I bought a couple of Rod Stewart records – Sing it again and Strangers Again. I love a bit of Rod Stewart and when I saw these two on Oxfam and Discogs I had to pick them up. They are full of some really great tracks. It wouldn’t be right to miss out Rod from my collection. Another I bought online was Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA. Being a Bruce lover is definitely something I’ve picked up from my dad. My dad gave me The River from his collection of records so I feel I am slowly buidling up my Bruce section. The rest of the records came from my mum and dad’s collection. They are made up of The Jam, Bob Dylan, Eurythmics, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors. It is a pretty strong collection of music, I think you shall agree.

On my record wish list there are quite a few. Obviously Courteeners are up there. I also have my eye on are Twin Altlantic, Paloma Faith The Kinks… the list goes on and on!