Spring wardrobe update

By the time that Spring rolls around I think we are all a bit sick of jumpers, coats and boots. I certainly am, give me a leather jacket and a ballet flat right about now. When the sun starts to shine earlier and longer you sort of feel like you need to ditch your winter coat and embrace the brigther weather. Hell, maybe even pop on a pair of sunglasses. Call me wild.

The move into Spring has been a bit of a tumultuous one in Edinburgh with some days being beautiful and bright then a wet and windy few days. I am however powering through the wet days in my biker jacket, I will admit to going back to an ankle boot purely because I hate having wet feet. I don’t have a massive budget to spend on clothes, sadly I can’t afford to go out and drop a few hundred pounds on some new Spring togs so instead I have decided to work on ways that I can update my Spring wardrobe without dropping a bomb. There will be certain things I do need to purchase but at least it won’t be a massive drain on my bank because we all know the main drain on my bank is ginand prosecco of a Friday night.

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In order for me to carry out this Spring wardrobe update I have deicded to set out 3 golden rules. These are to become my mantras for the season, let’s see if I actually stick to the rules…

One – Focus on buying quality basics

I think that sometimes we get caught up on teh fact that you can get a white tshirt for £7 only to find that when you put it on or wash it a few times it becomes a bit sheer, some bobbly bits form and it looks washed out. In my opinion, a good quality black or white tshirt is essential. They go with everything, can be dressed up or down and they will take you from season to season.

The smae goes for jeans, investing in a good pair of durable and long lasting jeans will safe you money in the long run. It may be a painful shopping experience but once you find your holy grail pair you won’t look back and that my friends is the dream.

Two – Go for cheaper options when it comes to trend led pieces

If you like the idea of wearing pink which is everywhere for Spring 2017 but aren’t the type to don this colour on a daily basis then go for a cheaper version. Keep on-trend purchases on the lower end of the price range because you will probably find that after a few wears or once the season is done with you won’t wear it again. By making a cost effective purchase you won’t feel like you are wasting money. By doing so it also allows for you to expertiment with trends, you never know you could end up finding a new style that you wouldn’t have thought you’d like or wear in a million years. Once this happens, you can then look to invest a bit.

Three – Don’t be afraid to try something new

Like I said in rule 2, you can choose a cheaper option when it comes to trend led pieces because if you really don’t like it you haven’t dropped a bomb on it. Keep this in mind and be open to trying out new trends for Spring 2017. You never know, you might buy a yellow blouse and discover that you actually feel really sassy and great in the sunshine shade – how do you know unless you try.

How are you updating your wardrobe for Spring?

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