Links to read #11

Another Monday, another Links to read post. I say that like this is a regular occurance, two week roll but alas we are here. I hope you are all suitably full of chocolate and enjoying a long weekend if you are lucky enough to get it off.

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Dolly Alderton for The Sunday Times about starting to see a psychic

Two things I enjoy – Dolly Aldertons style of writing and psychics. Hello to her Sunday Times Style column from last week. If you have time – and a Times subscription – catch up on all of Dolly’s columns. The mix of light hearted narrative with more serious thoughts and issues is perfectly balanced to make for an easy read.

Rachel Cooke for The Observor – Sexism in advertising: ‘They talk about diversity, but they don’t want to change’

I work in advertising so this article in The Observor really spoke to me. Nothing that Rachel Cooke reported on was a surprise to me but it is an interesting and insightful look into the industry and the issue that have been present for many years.

Sophie Elmhirst for The Guardian – ‘It’s genuine, you know?’: why the online influencer industry is going ‘authentic’

Another bit of work related reading, I work in social media and am fascinated with influencers. This article from Sophie Elmhirst takes a look at Gleam agency and some of the biggest influencers in the UK today with a look at what could be instore for influencers and where the big influencers will end up.

Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

I’m late to the party with this one but this long weekend I picked up Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. This is a collection of essays written by Roxane, herself. Topics range from race to fairy tales and The Hunger Games. I am only a couple of essays in but so far this is a complelling and thought provoking book that you can dip in and out of.

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