As girls we get to go through that monthly treat commonly known as a period. The males of this world don’t understand this special time in a woman’s month especially the way that effects your moods more than Lauren Goodger being in the tabloids day-in, day-out. 

1. The need to eat everything and anything in sight. Sometimes you jut have a hungry day… or week.
2. How sexually amped up you become — basically you just get really horny but you can’t have sex because well you are on your period! 
3. The fact that even the simplest of actions can be irritating. The way someone crunches on crisps, for example, nearly drove me insane one day.
4. A good cry is all you need sometimes.
5. No, your insides are going to fall out of you. It’s just cramp that makes you feel about 90 stones.
6. You feel fat, grumpy and emotional so a spot party on your chin is exactly what you need!
7. Being on a variation of the contraceptive pill that you don’t get periods on is great until you forget to take it once and you have the period from hell. You might as well crawl under a rock and weep lightly until it passes.
8. If you sit for too long sometimes it feels like you’ve pee’d yourself!
9. Bloating isn’t fun.
10. You never have fanny pads when you need them! 
11. Sharing is caring. Telling a friend you have your period is a must sometimes there is even the excitement that you have your period at the same time!! 
12. Yay!! You aren’t pregnant!! 
13. Chocolate never tasted so good.
14. Hot waters bottles are your friend. As is paracetamol.
15. Comfy pants that probably give you the worst VPL are 100% necessary.