Girl Talk.

Gal pals. This is often a strange relationship. One which, at times, probably seems a little inappropriate but it is just because you are close with your chummies that you feel you can do these sort of things and not feel silly.

A common term of endearment for girl friends the world over.

 “You’ll be my bridesmaid!”
Despite the fact you are single/been in a relationship for roughly 10 minutes – never fear your bridesmaids are sorted.

“I just need a new profile picture!”
You have got a new haircut therefore all your Social Media platforms need to represent you as you look right at this very moment!

“Oh my god, remember the time you…”
Reliving cringe worthy moments or hilarious moment you shared together. Just relive that magical time.

“You’re like a sister to me”
Okay, you are close friends. You love each other a great deal but calling each other sister really isn’t necessary. We get how close you are, you don’t need to be fake siblings.

Two friends wearing similar or matching items therefore results in you being twinnies needs to be announced. It is important to highlight.

 “You are so much prettier than her!”
That boy you fancy is chatting to a girl. A good friend will confirm to you that you are in fact the prettier option for the afore mentioned boy.

“Hottie!” “Fittie!” or “You look a total babe!” 
Because well it is always nice to get a compliment and to give a compliment on a day that your gal pal is looking particularly fine.

“Heels or no heels?”
That all important question asked by girls from Glasgow to Brighton prior to a night on the tiles. It is essential that the dress code is clearly defined for all taking part.

“Your boobies look massive today!”
Well if they are looking fuller, why not let your friend know that her lady lumps have filled out on that occasion. Normally done while your friend freely gets changed in front of you not bothering that you are in the room.

“Oh Em Gee!! This is our songgg!” Normally screeched at each other 
You danced to it once in someone’s flat therefore it is obviously your song.

I have nothing to wear!
You are going out but nothing you own will do, It is all just not right.