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Thing to remember as a teenager.

Being a teenager isn’t the easiest but it also isn’t the most terrible time in your life. A lot of your actions can be blamed on ‘being young.’

1. Pink eye shadow is not a good look. Especially metallic pink eye shadow.

2. Failing exams isn’t the end of the world – you will find your own way.

3. Your first kiss will be a let down. Where were the fireworks?!

4. Friends come and go – sometimes them going isn’t a bad thing…

5. Drinking is fun, sure but hangovers won’t always be that easy. Trust me.

6. Ra-ra skirts are an interesting choice.

7. You might think you are in love with him but I can guarantee you are not. Not even slightly.

8. Being popular isn’t everything.

9. A t-shirt with a vest top over it in a contrasting colour – oh you style queen…

10. Scrunchies are just one option for tying your hair up.

11. Your metabolism won’t always be that fast.

12. Quiz is not the only High Street retailer.

13. Going to a house party, not going to bed then doing a a full days shift at Tesco. #mental

14. Eye liner that gives the same effect as taking a Crayola marker to your eyes.

15. Hoop earrings and a pony tail. Lovely…

16. School discos. Just school discos.

17. All girls are getting their periods too. Welcome to womanhood!

18. Poker straight hair with a sweeping fringe is not the only hair style out there.

19. Leggings are not trousers.

20. Pictures of your boobs up to your chin, pouting in a mirror don’t make for good profile pictures.