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Things only best friends understand.

You know when you meet someone and you just click with them. They get you inside and out, make the good times even gooder (that’s not a word, don’t use it!) and support you through the tough times after all that’s what friends are for!

Friends are important. Everybody needs someone to confide in, get advice from and share memoires with. With this thought in my mind, I complied a list of things I love about my friends — that’s right, I’m showing emotion. Don’t get used to it.

1. You get drunk and think it is totally acceptable to phone them just to say hi or to sing Justin Timberlake Mirrors down the phone to them … That is true friendship.

2. They will support you in your quest for good black jeans.

3. When you are breaking your heart crying, they sit and they listen while offering advice that isn’t always what you need to hear but is purely fact.

4. They understand the mixture of coleslaw and cheese on a baked potato.

5. Your over dramatic reactions to mildy dramatic occurrences.

6. The fact you feel you need to justify your ‘weird crushes.

7. Playing the “How different things could be game” and the shock realisation that WE MIGHT NOT HAVE MET!!

8. The fact you don’t understand the obsession with Jennifer Lawrence. Excluding her wonderful performance in Silver Linings Play book of course.

9. Saying a girl is a babe doesn’t make you a lesbian.

10. The enjoyment you get from playing ‘Would you still be my friend if…’

11. Sometimes all you want is a cuddle.

12. When you drunk cry for little to no reason but your drunk chum offers you their best advice that come tomorrow will mean nothing to either of you.

13. That you find feelings hard.

14. Your friend understands that it is 100% appropriate to slap each others bums, have a quick boob grope or ninja hug them. They love it!!

15. Being inappropriate with each other is the basis of any good friendship I will have you know.

16. Your odd interests. Note: I don’t believe that an interest in Russia is an odd pass time.

17. Sometimes you want to sing random made up songs and possibly dance a little. Just a little.

18. The fact that lots of tiny circles next to each other grosses you out beyond belief. Sometimes it evens makes you dry boke.

19. Sometimes you are a moody, petulant child.

20. KITCHEN DANCE PARTIES. Created by my flatmate et moi in order to relieve stress, exercise our creative capabilities and dance like you are the fucking Queen of the dance floor! In case any of you crazy guys and gals out there wish to host your own Kitchen Dance Party please see the below bullet point within a bullet point:-

1. Grab a flatmate, friend or willing stranger.
2. Go to a kitchen – this can be yours or theirs.
3. Select a track that allows for optimum showcasing of dance moves. Note: this needs to be turned up loud.
4. Dance like no one is watching!! (Our neighbours across the way love us!)