Happy August kids!

Obligatory ‘can you believe it is August already’ comment.

August spells one thing in Edinburgh – fringe festival. The place fills up, shows are on all day everyday and the pubs, clubs and pop up bars are open later. It can be a right exhausting month! Life is tough *rolls eyes* I have a few shows pencilled in to see from Tessa Coates to James Loveridge as well as going to see Dirty Harry – a Blondie tribute band – that are apparently bloody brilliant. As a big Blondie/Debbie Harry fan, I am really looking forward to seeing this and closing off August with a wee boogie to Dreaming. (One of my all time favourite songs, if you should care even slightly!)

July seemed to just totally fly by. I am almost 2 months into my new job, have spent a lot of the month darting back and forth between growing my hair out or not growing my hair out and had a lovely weeks holiday seeing my Mum and Dad in Glasgow.

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July Goals Round Up

The goals I set myself in July were; blog 3x a week, take up pilates and read more.

Blogging 3 times a week I didn’t really manage but I’ve started to take a bit more of a relaxed attitude towards blogging. Rather than putting preassure on myself to produce content and especially content that I don’t feel really proud of. That goal sort of went out the window. Nevermind.

Pilates. About that. I didn’t start incorporating this into my workouts this month but I did however take up yoga. I am 4 practices in so far and am totally loving it. Getting yoga toned and honed is my new goal! It is also really great for mental health which is never a bad thing to keep in check.

Reading more is something that I have achieved – go me! – I have been reading Time of Death by Mark Billingham and am loving it, it is a total page turner. Can’t beat a bit of murder mystery.

August Goals

Instagram Everyday: This sounds like a pointless and poor excuse for a monthly goal but hear me out. I’m sure we are all more than aware of the struggle with getting engagement on Instagram – algorithym changes have meant that it is more challenging than ever to get your post seen. In order to get seen, posting regularly is a way to boost your chances. I love a bit of Instagram, it is a great little platform for inspiration and you can really have fun with getting that perfect shot. I try to Instagram everyday but sometimes it can be difficult because not everyday is fun filled, sometimes it is just a bit of 9-5 and then working out before collapsing into bed to read a chapter of my book!

In August, I want to put some effort behind taking interesting and engagement driving imagery rather than just dropping an image in that promotes a new blog post. I’m not particualry interested in the numbers but it would be a lie to say that it is completely out of mind.

Focus on quality content rather than quantity: From time to time I think we all get a little bit bogged down in conastantly pushing out new content. This is fine but for me it got to the point where I wasn’t completely happy with the posts I was publishing. For August, I am going back to my old school mentality – if I am not proud of the post then I won’t publish it. At the end of the day, if I am not happy with how a post looks in all of it’s finished glory then why would I expect anyone else to take the time out to read it.

Continue to develop and progress with running & yoga: In July I downloaded a 5K running app and started doing Yoga with Adrienne beginner routine videos after being inspired by HMF Yoga on Instagram – that gals bod is insane! Both of which I am enjoying much more than I ever thought I would!

Running has never been something that I have overly enjoyed but the training programme from the app has allowed me to build up my fitness levels and challenge myself. Long story short, I am bloody loving it! Yoga has become a 3/4 times a week occurance which I have found to be really great at making me shut down my thinking for a practice while feeling much stronger in my body. For August, I really want to continue to build on these 2 hobbies because ultimately I am really enjoying them!

What are your goals for the new month? Are you taking on any new challenges?



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