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5 more links to read (Volume 5)

Another month means another post sharing 5 links from across the interweb that I enjoyed reading. Sharing is caring after all.

Volume 5 is definitely less blogger heavy but you can’t deny a good article really can you? I read so many blog posts and articles every week that sometimes I totally get lost in the list of what I want to share. I am however always tweeting about articles I’ve enjoyed inbetween all of the nonsense that I think I am being funny writing and promoting whatever blog post I have been bashing away on my keyboard writing.

Read More: An element of your appearance doesn’t define your sexuality

Sali Hughes for The Pool “Being a grown-up means empowerment. Who wouldn’t want that?”

Aryelle Siclait “The Importance of silencing makeup bullies.”

Little Katie – Am I an adult yet?

Suzanne Moore for The Guardian – acob Rees-Mogg isn’t old-fashioned, he’s a thoroughly modern bigot

Eva Wiseman for The Observer – The hidden costs of vanity

Read Volume 4 of 5 more links to read  if you are looking for more links to aid in your falling down a hole of internet.

August Goals

August Goals

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