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5 more links to read now

Sharing great online content is fast becoming one of my favourite blog posts to write and to read. I am forever retweeting articles but am trying to consiously hold back doing that and save them all for one big ol’ post. Sharing is caring and all that. What better way to get inspiration for new content that having a read of what others are producing?

Get yourself a wee pep tea and take some time to have a little read of 5 more links to read now. From stamping out sexism in advertising to how to apply the perfect fake tan from non-other than Glamour Beauty Director, Alessandra Steinherr there is something that will interest you for sure.

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Who What Wear- 10 New Fashion Coffee Table Books

“Much like investing in a matching set of towels or hanging properly-framed art on your walls, owning a solid stack of coffee-table books goes a long way toward making your apartment feel like it belongs to a grown-up (even if you are still using your oven for storage).”

The Sunday Mode- Photography Guide: A Cheat Sheet

TIP: Before you start editing a photo, save a copy of the un-edited original file so that if you mess up when you’re editing and end up creating an over-saturated mess (like I used to do when I first started) then at least you can start from scratch again!”

The Pool- Are we on our way to to stamping out sexist advertising?

“Now, advertisements that show men failing at simple household tasks, and women left to clean up – or adverts which mock a man’s lack of masculinity, for example, or limit the way women view themselves – are coming under scrutiny.”

Alessandra Steinherr- How to nail the perfect fake tan

“Getting it right is most definitely an art form – had self-tanning been a subject matter at school, I would have started off with a FAIL, but graduated with an A+. Here are my no-fail tricks to achieving a golden glow without sun damage.”

The Debrief- How ‘Netflix and Chill’ ruined things for everyone

“the whole process has been branded and there’s no MYSTERY any more, you guys”

I am always on the hunt for new and interesting articles to read so share your blogs with me or links to articles you loved reading. Like I said, sharing is caring.

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