5 more links to read (Volume 4)

Volume 4 of links to read.

Sharing the love in the blogging community is really important in my opinion, even though not all of the links I am sharing are from the original defitintion of ‘bloggers’. I mean Sali Hughes and Pandora Sykes are very far from bloggers but they are writers that I really admire and enjoy reading. If I can expose them to potential new fans then I am more than happy with that. Although I doubt there are many people who aren’t aware of either of these wonderful women or have not actually sat down and read an article from them. I could be wrong, it wouldn’t be the first time!

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Pandora Sykes Pandora Sykes x Estée Lauder #ConfidenceUncovered

Not quiet one to read, more one to watch but once you have watched this video with Pandora Sykes and Estee Lauder you will no doubt take yourself to Google and search more articles by the lady herself. And so you should. Pandora Sykes is a really wonderful writer. Always honest, intelligent and poised in her style. She also makes up one half of one of my favourite podcasts – The High Low.

I should also say that I am a massive believer of her philsophy of looking up the meaning of a word if you don’t know it because Life could be more fun with another word! Finding a new word that you don’t know and looking it up was something my dad imparted into me over and over growing up, now because of this I have a notebook full of words I have discovered that I looked up the definition of.

Elevator Musik 10 Simple Blog SEO Tips

Gillian from Elevator Musik is one of my favourite blog reads. She has great mix of post topics and her blog tips are always top of my reading list when I see them drop into my Blog Lovin’ feed. These SEO tips are easy to understanding as they aren’t jargon heavy and don’t miss the key point.

Sali Hughes for The Pool “In the age of retouching Instagram apps, “real” pictures of a woman’s body are newsworthy”

Sali Hughes. This woman is bloody brilliant. From her books Pretty Honest and Pretty Iconic, to the content she creates for Salihughesbeauty.com including posts and videos and not mention the articles she writes for The Guardian and The Pool amongst many others. They are all really wonderfully written and great, informative reads. What I really enjoyed about this article was that it really highlighted the fact that seeing an untouch image of a well known figure is important in 2017.

This Girls Does – Brehemia: The Launch

This Girls Does may be written by a friend of mine but that isn’t why she is on the list. Mairi creates content focuses on all of the wonderful things going on in Scotland, with an emphasis on Edinburgh. Brehemia is a new bar opened in the City which is absolutely bloody huge! What I enjoy about This Girls Does is the upbeat, chatty style of writing Mairi adopts. Reading her posts is like speaking to her in person.

Gemma Hughes Habit of a successful blogger

I am sure in Gemma’s eyes I am a bit of a Twitter fan girl. I am forever retweeting, liking and commenting on her tweets when she shares another one of her brilliant blog posts. Gemma posts blogging tips and tricks that actually work! Her posts about Habits of successful bloggers is really inspiring and makes you realise that one of your little bad habits mights actually be holding you and your blog back.

August Goals

August Goals

Happy August kids! Obligatory ‘can you believe it is August already’ comment. August spells one thing in Edinburgh – fringe festival. The place fills up, …