Modern power dressing

“Dress shabbily and they notice the dress. Dress impeccably and they notice the woman.” We’ve all seen Working Girl, right? If not, first off all why not?! Here is a very brief plot summary. Melanie Griffith plays the secretary with big ambitions, who steals her bosses identity and job role along with her killer power… Read More Modern power dressing

Tampon Tax

From the jump off the fact Tampon Tax is even a thing is beyond unbelievable not only because it is 2017  but the fact it was ever decided as a good idea. Classed as a non-essential, luxury product and charged at 5% VAT, us females really like to treat ourselves when the menstrual cycle reaches… Read More Tampon Tax

My mum

It is Merry Maw Day so I hope you have all suitably spoiled the motherly figure in your life. This year I wasn’t physically with mama F but I’m sure she isn’t that bothered. Generally when we are together I ply her with gin, urge her to pop open that bottle of Prosecco she has… Read More My mum