Not Feeling Like a ‘Girl’ Boss

Everyone has those days where they feel nothing like a ‘girl boss‘ in any way, shape or form. We’ve all been there and we have all had to get out of it some how because sadly the world doesn’t stop because you don’t feel like the best representation of yourself.

I think ‘girl boss’ is a bit of an over used and demeaning term but if there is a away to empower as well as motivate females and the term does it for you then have at it. Rather than using the term over and over in this post instead I am going to opt for not feeling 100% – that way any demotivated guys out there can feel included. It is all inclusive here at RDP.

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Don’t feel like your best self? Find out ways to make you feel a little better

Take some ‘me’ time

Everyone is busy. There are things going in everybody’s professional and personal lives that sadly don’t stop because you feel a bit meh. Imagine emailing your boss to say you can’t go to that big pitch you have been prepping for the past 6 weeks because you feel like a fake. It just wouldn’t be acceptable. If you are feeling like this and know that you have something important going on later in the week then have an evening filled with doing something you totally love, that relaxed you and leaves you feeling content. Maybe it is going to a spin class or getting into a huge bubble bath with a good book – whatever it is, just do it. Don’t feel selfish for shutting yourself in the bathroom for a long soak, G&T in hand. Chances are you probably deserve the R&R.

Put on that outfit that makes you feel like $100

Or £100… whatever your currency of choice may be!

You know that one outfit that you put on and you just feel totally on? It highlights your favourite assets, gives you that extra spring in your step and confidence boost that just makes you feel great. We all have one. Get it looked out and stick it on, it will be an instant boost in confidence.

Dwell in your self-pity then shake it off

Don’t let feeling a little bit meh ruin your day. Dwell in it for half an hour maximum then shake it off ala Taylor Swift. There is not point in feeding into the negativity because then you just end up sinking lower and lower.

Dance it off

It sounds odd but hear me out kay?

Put on your favourite song and just have a mad 10 minutes of dancing around your room. It will loosen you up, release some endorphins which will instantly lighten your mood. Go on, don’t be shy.

How do you lift your mood if you are feeling a little bit flat?