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Finding your “look”

It sounds a bit wanky, let’s be honest here but finding your look can be a pretty scary process with a good few mistakes that make you want to cringe. In my opinion, find your look is different to defining your personal style. Your look, to me, is a influencer on your personal style. Once you have a signature feature then you can work to include that into your personal style.

The signature part of my “look” would probably be my pixie cut or the substaintial amount of eye liner that I wear on a daily basis. To be honest, I have a little bit of a uniform that I don’t really venture from. I wear black jeans, enjoy a statement shoe or a jazzy bag, generally wear a leather jacket and more than likely wear a blouse of some form. I guess you could say this is my “look” – in my head it can feel a bit boring and same-y but I know that this is what I feel most comfortable in. It is my way of modern power dressing. It is what makes me feel like the best version of myself. Never a bad thing.

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When trying to find your “look” you can feel a bit lost. Lost in a see of trendy gals with great makeup and an effortless chic that you feel you can only ever dream of.  Alas, do not fret. There is no doubt that these stylish gals went through a similar panic that you are going through. I wouldn’t say I was overly stylish but I like the way I dress. Sometimes I would like to be a little more ‘fashionable‘ and wear a little more colour but deep down I know that isn’t what makes me feel like my best version of myself. Instead I introduce colour in little pops that are subtle and don’t make me feel like I am a big shining beacon of garish shades. The key is to find what works for you and run with it but don’t be scared to make little tweaks. After all fashion and beauty should be fun!

Experiment : Try different styles and trends

Like I said it should be fun so do dip your toe in the pool of a trend that you may not usually go towards, you never know you could love it! It could become a key party of your “look” – you never know unless you try!

Start with a base : Once you have a base you can build from there

For me, my base is my black jeans. Sounds boring but I wear them pretty much everyday, this allows me to build around this with printed blouses, mix it up with a good heel or throw on an eye catching biker.

Don’t get caught up : Relax and enjoy the process

If you don’t find that one thing that you really love, don’t panic. Open your mind and don’t panic, what you are looking for will come eventually. Like I’ve said before – have fun with it!


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