Tampon Tax

From the jump off the fact Tampon Tax is even a thing is beyond unbelievable not only because it is 2017  but the fact it was ever decided as a good idea.

Classed as a non-essential, luxury product and charged at 5% VAT, us females really like to treat ourselves when the menstrual cycle reaches that time of the month. Nothing says treat quite like bleeding, mixed up hormones and a luxury box of tampons. Hell, why not treat yourself to a a lush pack of night sanitory towels – go on, treat yo’self!

Irony aside, the Tampon Tax is something that has really got under my skin as of late. The Torie government annouced it would be scraped, it wasn’t. And now it has been annouced that girls from less well off backgrounds are staying home from school during their period due to being unable to obtain the relevant products. We are in 2017, the need to go and lie down in a darkened room for the duration of our period is not something that happens anymore and hasn’t happened for a long time. The fact young girls are missing out on education due to sanitory products being unobtainable is quite frankly ridiculous.

Following on from the Tampon Tax not being abolished, it was annouced that the money from the fore mentioned tax would go to Charities that were helping in female related “things”. A list was released that included the organisation Life. This is an anti-abortion, anti-choice charity that offers counciling services along with “alternatives to abortion“.

My issue here, lies in the fact that the tax generated from the purchase of tampons is going to fund a charity that is of the opinion of restricting and undermining a females right to choose. Not all pregnancies are wanted (harsh, maybe but true, definitely) and every situation is entirely unique and personal to the indivudals involved. By funding this charity we are giving a voice – a voice which could be said to be supported by the Government due to the fact it receives funding – to an out of date point of view, in my opinion. A female owns her body just as much as her male counterpart and pregnancy is no easy journey. It is a long 9 months where your body goes through all sorts of hormonal challenges and changes, no one has the right to tell an individual that their choice is the wrong one. As a female your body is taxed for the fact you menstrate and then the money is given to fundamentalist that seek to tell you what you can do with your body? Is that really the general consensus of the female body, mind and the right to making your own decision in 2017?

A blog post on the Life website reads:

“We remember with sadness the millions of unborn children terminated by the abortion industry since 1967 and we celebrate the courage of all women who have brought babies into the world.”

What is missing from this statement is the sheer lack of consideration of circumstance behind the terminations. What about the potential danger to the mother if the pregnancy continued or the fact that the child would grow up in a family base that lacked support? In my opinion, the fact that funding is going to charity that holds this point of view is detremental to a womens right to have a choice, to be able to make a decision that is the best outcome for both her and the unborn baby. Yet again the female body is being controlled and legislated over by those that do not have to deal with the outcome i.e men. Case in point, January when a room of white males signed away the reproductive rights of females in developing world countries.

There is nothing shameful or embarassing about periods or abortion. What is shameful is the archaic opinion of the female body and her right to make a choice for herself. Surely the money generated from Tampon Tax should be going to a charity that funds the right to choose, that supports females through difficult times but allows them to do waht they beleive is the best course of action.


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