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The importance of a digital detox

Slowing down and giving yourself a break is something that we are all quite poor at if we are being honest. With an ever connected world of 24 hour communication and news it can be a difficult task to shut off and give yourself an hour of thinking about nothing and not staring at a screen. Getting out of your head and focusing on something other than emailing, texting, consuming breaking news and scrolling through endless images can be a tough mountain to climb. The thing about switching off, having a digital detox if you will, is that when we actually make the move to do it, it can actually be a rewarding experience both physically and mentally. Now I won’t get all hippy-dippy on you because I know as much as anyone that switching off is easier said than done but when did something being tough stop us, huh?

Undertaking a digital detox involves commitment and willpower. You can get through your detoxed evening, you are just going to have to find some other methods of entertaining yourself. Who knows you might even find a new hobby!

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Digital detoxing has a load of benefits in my opinion. From clearing out your mind to making you get up and move more. Plus points, yes?

Taking some time way from digital devices and Social Media is always going to be a positive move, I think that from time to time we can get a little bit too involved in being present on Social Media and it leads to us compare ourselves to others and the lives they have when really, at the end of the day, we don’t know if that is actually an accurate representation of their life. It is probably just a screenshot of a good bit! I experience bouts of anxiety and depression both of which leave me feeling anxious – funnily enough! – along with feeling drained both emotionally and physically and with a constant nauseous feeling in my stomach. It isn’t pleasant, especially when you are crying for no reason and all your family and friends want to do is make you feel better. Taking time to get out of my head and focus on just sitting reading a book or doing some exercise really allows for me to calm myself down. Even if you don’t suffer from anxiety or depression there is no reason why you can’t and shouldn’t have yourself your very own digital detox.

Three Tips for the Perfect Digital Detox

  1. Put your phone, laptop and tablet away in a drawer. If it isn’t staring you in the face you will be more likely to resist temptation. You could put your TV in a cupboard but arsed with all the wires etc.
  2. Get a friend involved. It will be much easier to keep yourself entertained if you have a buddy there to support you and to lift those moments when you just really want to cave.
  3. Relax and enjoy it. Sure it might feel a little bit weird at first and you might feel bored, maybe even a little lost but let yourself get comfortable and enjoy the peace and quiet. Try and make it relaxing or productive – whatever you really want to achieve from your digital detox.

 Have you done a digital detox? What are you tips?