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Lusting: February

January is almost over! Crazy times. Normally the month that drags by at an alarmingly slow rate has passed by in the blink of an eye. How are we all getting on with those resolutions? Sticking to them?

February is upon us well almost. January Lusting was wild and wonderful mix of beauty, accessories and a few home bits. This month is no different. I don’t need more nail polish or lipstick, to be honest I probably don’t need any more clothes or handbags either but a girl can lust, can’t she? ¬†One item in this edition of lusting is 100%, no questions asked a major lusting item!

I am looking forward to the coming month, I will be back in my own lovely flat, the 6 Nations starts and I have tickets to see Ulster. Amongst the fun bits, I have an exam for work – should probably start revising for that to be honest.


Mulberry Medium Lily in Mole Grey

This is probably not going to be making it’s way into my wardrobe in the near future, let’s be honest. Nevertheless, it is beautiful. Really beautiful. I can already imagine up outfits I would team it with *sighs* Oh the buttery soft leather and the beautiful mole grey shade. Without a doubt this is an investment piece to save up for and keep forever. This has become my new goal. If only I was any good at saving.

MAC Lady Danger

I have lusted over Relentlessly Red many times and I still am (note to self: take empties to MAC and get me a new lippie!) and now I have added Lady Danger to that list. A vibrant coral-red (ding dong) and it is of course a matte finish. I love me a matte finish. Statement lips have become part of my make up collection recently, I just love it for a pop of colour with a simple outfit.

Topshop Velvet Sequinned Jacket

You know when you have an outfit idea, an you just dream about this perfect outfit that will make you really happy if you pull it off. Well a sequinned jacket in more of a cardigan style has been in my outfit dreaming mind for a while. It is a little bit glam rock but is still really feminine. Topshop never let me down when it comes to pieces like this – and it is in the sale, winning. A sequinned jacket with a black or white graphic tee, some black jeans and a chunky shoe or ankle boot – Hellllo!

Oliver Bonas Theia Druzy Cord Bracelet

Tassels make my soul happy. They make me squeal inside like a little girl that has seen the ice cream van. This bracelet from Oliver Bonas is all kinds of perfect. There is something about stacking bracelets that just plays to my tastes and if this includes tassels then even better.