An afternoon at Ford Kinnaird

What better to do on a Wednesday afternoon than take yourself a half day from work and pop to Fort Kinnaird with your gal pal? Strong use of a mid week afternoon if you ask me.

In case you aren’t familiar with these parts here are the basics that you need/want to know about Fort Kinnaird.

What? A shopping and leisure destination with a mix of shops, restaurants and a cinema.

Where? Newcraighall, Edinburgh.

These are the basics now let me tell you about my afternoon.

Moira – who’s blog you can here  – and I popped in to Newsrooms on Leith Street for a glass *cough* bottle of prosecco before boarding the number 30 bus on North Bridge and heading to Fort Kinnaird. I have been in Edinburgh 8 years and have only been to this retail park a handful of times, for some reason I always forget about it which is a shame because it has a good mix of shops as well as places to eat. Not having a car means it is a bus into town and then another out to the retail park but it is a journey do-able in under an hour so I can’t complain.

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The first stop on our afternoon adventure was The Body Shop where the lovely ladies talked us through the Spa range and the skincare range focusing on the peels that they do. I opted for the Drops of Light Pure Resurfacing Peel because I love a bit of glow. After use my skin felt bloody amazing! The ladies in The Body Shop were really helpful and informative, they new all the products inside out and were able to provide helpful advice on any of our skin and body care related questions.

After we had been in to The Body Shop for our consultation, we headed a couple of shops down to Patisserie Valerie.

I love cake so this was right up my street. We started with a hot chocolate before tucking into our ham and cheese omlette with a side of chips. To finish, I couldn’t decide on what type of gateux I wanted so the manager let me try both. I had the chocolate mouse gateux and a slice of the black forrest gateux. Both were totally delicious. The food in Patisserie Valerie was really tasty and the staff were attentive and helpful when we had any questions.

After we had eaten, we went for a wander round the shops because it would be rude not to! We stopped into New Look were Moira picked up some Spring wardrobe additions before popping into H&M to have a look at the basics. Fort Kinnaird is a great location if you fancy getting away from Princes Street to do a bit of shopping without having to venture to far out of the City.