Ah 2017. I do realise we are now into the second week of this new year however I took a blogging break for pretty much all of December and the beginning of January due to personal reason (see previous post) which meant that writing about beauty products, clothes or anything really just wasn’t exciting me in any way, shape or form. Sitting down and writing felt like a task and a very difficult challenge, one that I wasn’t in the headspace for at all. I needed some time to digest what had happened, ride out the grief and come back around to feeling like logging onto RDP and typing away my thoughts and feels. So here I am! *waves*

I had considered setting myself clear, measurable New Year Resolutions but when it comes down to it I know that at the end of the day I will have forgotten about them come mid-February (that may be pushing it, more like mid-to-late January!) With this in mind I decided that rather than setting precise goals, like blog every 2nd day or save £50 a month, I would instead set myself a little plan of action. A POA if you will. Just for those times that we all get where it feels like the world is against us, everything is going to the shits and all you want to do is go home and get into bed to wake up in about a fortnight.

Have more ‘Me’ time

This sounds selfish and wanky but I am a little bit rubbish at devoting time to myself. I give myself time to blog and exercise but when it comes to sitting down and watching my favourite TV programme or reading a chapter of my book I am pretty bad at it. I am guilty of putting on my favourite programme but still be bashing away at the keyboard (computer not the musical variety, my neighbours would hate me even more if I did that!) This year, I want to shut off. A digital detox if you will. Get myself a sassy wee cup of peppermint tea and watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills without distraction.

New Laptop

The laptop I currently was bought when I was in 3rd Year of uni so nearly 6 years ago, she is a go-er but she is getting to be over the hill. The screen has a crack meaning I can’t close the lid and it weighs more than a small elephant. The time has come for the E.Fisk to upgrade. The great debate goes on between a MacBook or a Windows PC.

Travel More

In 2016, my best friend and I took ourselves off to Dublin for a long weekend which was ah-mazing. This year I want to do it again and potentially more. We have had the idea of going to Lisbon on our minds for a good while and 2017 should be the year that we do it. Sangria and sunshine is just what these gal needs.

Show the people I love that I love them!

If the end of last year taught me anything, it is that life is short and most of the things that I worry about aren’t that important. This year I want to show the people I love that they are special to me and that I appreciate them. It is the little things that can really turn a loved ones day around and can mean the most. A quick 5 minute call, a little surprise gift or even just a text to see how you are doing.

Let’s see what 2017 has in store, shall we?