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February Favourites


It is the last day of February, who can actually believe it?!

The month ended with me voiceless, whispering and scrawling notes to my flatmate about how Fleur East must be raking it in. It’s all glamour my life. Minus the lost voice, February has been a pretty good month. My big brother moved in with his girlfriend down the road from me which is exciting (and it meant he could bring me Lucozade when I was feeling shitty, nice brother).

Having no voice is actually really annoying, you kind of feel like you are trapped in your own head. Maybe a bit dramatic there, Emma.


Enough about my lack of vocal expression and onto the monthly favourites.


Let’s start with nails, shall we? This month has been a bit of a jump from one end of the spectrum to the other. Standard. The two shades that have made it into my favourites are Rimmel Black Cherries and MaxFactor Vivid Vermillion (read more about this polish here)

Black Cherries is a nice change from your bog standard black, it has some purple running through it that makes it quite an interesting shade. Vivid Vermillion is just beautiful. A vibrant orange shade that looks great on fingers and toes. If you were to put me into a nail polish, it would be this. This colour is gorgeous.

There is no way that I need any more kohl eye liner in my make up collection and after realising this I shopped my stash and came across¬†Estee Lauder Double wear stay-in-place eye pencil. This pencil is super black, glides on really smoothly and doesn’t run down your face through the day – winning. What more could you want from an eye liner?

To finish off my make up, I have been loving to layer on the new volume mascara from Revlon, I won’t go into too much here as I have a whole post on it and that would just be boring! Read the full post here.

Continuing my love for the Bourjois Rouge edition velvet lip creams, my flatmate gifted me a new shade. Don’t pink of it is a really pretty nude pink shade that gives you a natural colour without being too over powering. I really love this shade.


The final beauty favourite of February is Classique perfume from Jean Paul Gaultier. I really, really love this fragrance. With a mix of rose, vanilla and sandlewood this is the perfect scent for me. It isn’t sweet as that just doesn’t work for me.

The fashion favourite of February is this over sized v neck jumper from H&M. This cost about ¬£14.99 and is a nice thick material without being overly heavy. When I went into the shop my goal was an over sized, comfy jumper that isn’t too casual. This little baby answered all my needs. Similar jumper here.

I read three books in February – go me – and my favourite of the three has to be The Big Four by Agathe Christie. I am already a Poriot and Agathe Christie fan so I figured I would like it. I love this book! It was a real page turner and the plot developed so well, I had no idea where it was going or what would happen. The last February favourite is my bullet journal from Leuchtturm. These have become a bit of the ‘new’ thing to have and so far I am loving mine. I don’t do daily lay outs, I more use it to keep track of bigger goals and lists. Whatever you plan to use it for I would definitely invest in one. It is amazing!

What were your February Favourites?