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March Favourites

And that was March.

I say it every month but can you actually believe that it is almost April! I think if I didn’t say it you would all wonder if there was something wrong with me. Another month has just totally flown by in front of our eyes. Madness.

March was a bit of a mix of good and bad. Lots of lovely things happened but the thing I think I will remember March 2016 for is the passing of my Grandpa. He was 90, almost 91, and had a very full life. He was a kind hearted, good humoured man that will be missed.

I’m not really sure how to move on to the March favourite after writing the above, it feels a little bit odd. Doesn’t it? Jumping from sad news to favourites from the month. If you are reading this then don’t think of me writing about my Grandpa and then just jumping straight into favourite products, it’s not meant to be like that.

Let’s chat favourites.


DSC01237 DSC01227

1. Pixie

March saw the return of my pixie cut after a good 8ish months growing it out. I don’t know why I wander away from a short pixie because I always go back to it and always feel so much more like me when I get it done. Damn my fickle nature. The pixie is back nonetheless and I bloody love it. I opted for a classic pixie and referenced a picture of Frankie Bridge Strictly Come Dancing time as what I was aiming for. The excitement on my hairdressers face when I was letting her chop away at my locks and create a totally new style was contagious. I have done a whole post about my new hair which you could read here.

2.Estee Lauder Doublewear Eye liner

I bloody love eyeliner. If I was trapped on a desert island and I could only take one product (sun cream is given on arrival so that doesn’t count as my one product) it would be eye liner. It would be a jet black kohl liner that smudged and moved about.

Why you ask? Well because my Reverie babes, eye liner smudged out around the eye almost Cleopatra with a hint of Claudia Winkleman about it is just my favourite look. As much as I love a good bold matte lipstick, you can’t beat a smudged liner look.

Doublewear liner from Estee Lauder is brilliant. It is long lasting, a deep jet black (we do not want charcoal *heaves*) and allows for you to smudge it out without looking like you’ve been in the ring with Conor McGregor. This product is really long lasting and wear beautifully without making you look extremely tired as some kohl liners can do as they wear through the day.

3. New Look high waisted super skinny jeans

The New Look high waisted super skinny jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. Especially in black. They have the perfect amount of stretch in them, are comfy and really are high waisted. Being a basic black jeans they are obviously really versatile for smart casual or 100% casual dressing and they cost only £19.99. Bargain.

I have three or four pairs of these jeans and wear them pretty much on an everyday basis. The high waisted super skinny jeans are really flattering and comfortable to wear. I love them so much I am even considering picking up a pair in indigo – wild, I know.

4. Rimmel Rita Ora Rain rain go away nail polish

When it comes to nail polish I normally stick to a red or a dark shade. I sometimes venture to maybe a neon pink or an orange but generally I stick to the aforementioned. One lunchtime I took an urge to find a pale grey shade for my nails. So off to Superdrug I went and wandered round and round the make up section until I found the polish to meet my needs and wants.I skipped out the shop with a fresh new bottle of rain rain go away from the Rita Ora Rimmel collection.

Rain rain go away is more of a taupe nude than a true pale grey shade but it is actually exactly what I was after. I love it when that happens. The formula is the classic Rimmel offering. Applies smoothly, long lasting and the colour comes out just like the bottle.

5. Mango button up wide sleeved blouse

While searching the shops for some new tops I took myself into House of Fraser and ended up wandering around the Mango stand. I love Mango clothes. Although they are a little more on the pricey side, they are totally worth it. Well cut pieces in nice fabrics – you cannot go wrong with a bit of Mango in your wardrobe.

At first, this blouse looks like a basic black button up blouse but when you popped it on you see the detail in the sleeve which I love. Simple details make overall quite basic pieces a little more exciting. The shape of the blouse is loose but still flattering and it sits really well. Definitely worth the £35.99. Similar blouse here.

What are you March Favourites?